I’m not a teenager anymore.

Friday I was at Pick Up Stix eating lunch and at the table nearby were 3 teenagers. One of the girls was crying off and on and talking about a guy but I couldnt really make out what she was saying. Then her louder friend joined them and at this point I figured out that the crying girl broke up with her boyfriend that day and she was really sad about it. She kept telling her guy friend not to do “something” because she still cared about him… who knows what he wanted to do?

Anyways, the other girl said the following “just dont call him AT ALL. I didnt call “nick” after we broke up and finally after 3 weeks he called me and then we got back together”

Ugh Gag. I just sometimes want to go over and tell these teens that they SHOULD break up with everyone they date now because 95% of the time they aren’t going to marry them anyways and ONE DAY they will just break up or be miserable anyways. They just don’t get it though.

It’s so sad to look at these kids and realize I was once where they are…. thinking that it was the end of the world if me and my high school boyfriends fought, etc. Thinking I knew everything and my mom just didn’t know what she was talking about.

Saturday I was cleaning out a closet and I found tons of old keepsake stuff, including a diary from high school (that I don’t remember writing AT ALL). It seemed like every time I wrote- it was how I was sad about my ex Ethan, how I wished he would love me, blah blah blah.  I wrote about a gym dance I went to just to see a boy I liked and then he ignored me the whole time and I was so sad. So pathetic.

I don’t proclaim to know it all know, and I know you learn and grow in relationships for your entire life, but seriously- teenagers are SO stupid. Being a therapist for awhile and wanting to work with kids/teens- I used to always want to “tell them like it is.”  I think, “if I could just explain to them how things are, maybe they will listen because I’m not that old…” But then I realized this is always what my mom was trying to do- trying to tell me that “one day” I would be different or “one day” I would understand what she was talking about and realize she wasn’t wrong all the time. Then I realize that they really could care less what I think and any advice I have is just looked upon like “mom” advice. They still have to make their own stupid mistakes OVER and OVER and OVER. The saddest part is, some people NEVER grow out of this and they still make these lame choices and mistakes when they are 40!

I’m just SO glad I don’t have to deal with that teenage drama anymore!

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