Well I’m off tonight to Sydney…

After nearly 2 years of a long distance relationship- I’m finally going to get to live on the same continent as my boyfriend! YAY. Of course that excitement does come with sadness as well as I say goodbye to my loved ones and my home, but I will be back to visit often.

I must say, I had a WONDERFUL last weekend in California.

Thursday was a really fun night out at the Yardhouse in Irvine with some of my co-workers. The all came out to wish me farewell and although I didn’t plan on drinking much, somehow I did. That’s just what happens when your co-workers love to drink and party.

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Friday we finished off my last day at work doing shots in the kitchen of the office. Now, you would think this was a special occasion since I was leaving and all- but no- they do shots and drink beers every Friday at work. I’ll miss that place!

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After drunkfest at work – My friends and I went to the Muse concert at Verizon- and although I’ve been to many many Muse concerts, this was by far the best!!! Great seats, great energy, great music, great stage and lights. Being a little drunky added to the excitement. Soooooo much fun! Jen wrote more about it here too if you are interested and I also added a little snippet of one of my favorite songs too for your viewing pleasure. They really are amazing musicians!

Muse at Verizon

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Saturday I was pretty tired from the nice night out before- but I had another fun night ahead. We went out with about 9 girls to Landmark Steakhouse for my sister’s birthday. Oh good God did I drink a lot. I progressivly drank more and more each night starting Thursday and Saturday night was the topper! My sister has all the crazy drunken pictures so I’ll have to post those later if I ever get them- but 9 drunk girls (well 8 plus a driver) and awesome music and industrial fans made for a crazy night. (and when I say industrial fans, picture 30+ year old women dancing in front of them with hair blowing and posing like models). The fans were very useful for the 2 times I got spilled on too… I dried up in a jiffy!

And finally Sunday. Sunday night was great – we had wine and cheese night at Jen’s although I skipped out on the wine (I figured the 3 nights before were probably good enough for 1 weekend). Jen got cheese and crackers, grapes and made the phenomenal apricot brie. We spent time with Lisa, Leslie and Christine just talking and sharing stories. It was a nice night that I will surely miss. 

I look forward to more wine and cheese nights when I come in December! I’ll miss you all and I wish everyone the best in the US!

ta ta for now!?

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