While moving is exciting and fun, it is also hard work. And moving to a different country is even freaking harder. People probably dont realize all that I must do… just be glad you don’t have to do all this stuff!!

1. Buy a ticket

2. Plan shipping for all my stuff, arranging for shipping insurance and hiring movers to pack everything. This also includes creating an itinerary of everything I own- EVERYTHING! Also including how much each item costs, and also once these things are packed I have to write down what is in each and every box). FYI- so far this list consists of over 150 items. Imagine writing down every fork, pillow and sheet you own. UGH! Oh and I won’t go into all the forms I need to fill out!

3. Buy transformers so I can plug in my American TV. (electrical please… when I went to radioshack they thought I was talking about Optimus Prime).  And no, you can’t just use those little plug adaptors- that would be too easy. No no, you have to buy transformers with specific voltage, wattage and other crap. Andrew and I still can’t figure out why votage and plug shapes are different in every dang country.

4. Figure out my health insurance situation. I won’t even explain this one…

5. Phones: I will be buying a skype in number (714) so that friends and family can call me for free. I also need to create a skype account for my parents and buy them a skype phone and then buy myself one too when I get to Sydney. I will need to get a new cell phone once I’m there.

6. And then there was the issue of what to do with my car… that was a stressful one… but thankfully it is allllll situated now 🙂

7. Hiring someone new at my work since I will be leaving. Hopefully that one will be completed early this week! I’ll still be working, but only part time- and obvioulsy I won’t be working from the office 🙂

8. Get a new bank account that will allow me to withdraw money in Australia without charging me a shitload of fees for using “non Bank of America ATMs”. But that won’t even solve my problem of getting charged every time I use a debit card to buy groceries and crap so I will  also need to get an Australian account once I am there.

Seriously… that’s not even all… but I figure you’ve probably all been bored reading this. 

So on that note, I’ll show you all my new painting that I painted for my future bedroom (I also threw in a picture of the new bedding I bought too.)

8-07 Misc. Pics 015 (Small).jpg

7-07 Misc. Pics 019 (Small).jpg

3 thoughts on “So Much to Do…”

  1. I only wish you had more time here so I could hire you to pain something for my living room…maybe one day.
    I really want to get together before you leave.. lets plan it.

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