In an effort to increase my knowledge base and enhance my technological skills,I am turning to the Internet to increase what I know about social media. I am fully aware that others label me an “Internet nerd” so why not put my nerdy talents to good use and look at getting into social media Let’s face it- I met my husband online by using my geeky social-networking skills; so, why not expand on these talents so that I can use them in other productive ways?

I’ve already dealt with quite a bit of traditional and social marketing through my current job over the last 5 years so by no means am I a stranger to it all…but I’d love to take my experience to the next level. So as my first step in my new social media exploration I’ve caved and joined Twitter. If you care to follow me you can find me here: @elsjahancock.

If anyone out there has any good website/blog or twitter recommendations for me- I’d love to hear them!

Thanks and happy tweeting!

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