So… my buzzer on my buidling buzzed and i just pushed the button without asking who it was. I do this by relfex because typically the only time it buzzes is when Andrew comes back from a bike ride. A minute later, no andrew (it wasn’t until about 10 minutes later that I realized andrew is not on a ride and he has his keys to get into the building).

So anyways, I go about my business, talking to my mom and niece on the phone when someone finally knocks on my door about 5 minutes later. I open it up looking SUPER scuzzy in my sweats and my shirt with a big toothpaste mark on it from this morning. Not to mention my hair is greasy, my legs are hairy and I wasn’t wearing a bra. (Hey I work from home so no need to get dressed or look pretty)! So there’s this cool looking girl at the door with some papers in her hand and I’m immediately curious. Who is this and why is she here?

She starts talking a bit and I respond a bit and then she says “oh you’re not from here either”- It was only then… after she had talked awhile and pointed out MY accent… that I realized she had a north american accent. I can’t help it, all accents sound normal to me these days.

I realize so far this story makes ME sound like the very unaware person- but it’s really her that I’m speaking of in the topic title.

So we converse some more and talk about where we are from, etc. Turns out she is from Canada. She had heard me through the door as I was on the phone with my niece and I was saying “So did your president win? ” (My 5 year old niece voted for obama on the nickelodeon site even though her parents wanted mccain- she said it was because he has a cool name and he likes horses). ANYWAYS… the girl told me she heard me talking through the door and I said “oh yeah yeah” chuckled a bit and then this is what came out of her mouth next…

“So, who won?”

Um.. REALLY? Has she been living under a rock the last few days? ย Even though this girl was totally nice and was really cute and trendy looking, I immediately thought she was a total moron.

My response (excitedly) was “OBAMA!”- then she said politely “oh, ok! well, I’m from Jehova’s witness…”

I’m guessing that she wouldn’t have been too excited about Obama with her being from a strict religious background- that is if she even knew ANYTHING about the candidates, which could be highly unlikely.

Blah. My excitement that a new potential friend just landed on my doorstep immediately went out the window.

A.) She doesn’t know who won the election

B.) Even though I respect people’s religious choices, I personally cannot be any part of a religion that doesn’t let me celebrate christmas and birthdays!

She was cool though, she just gave me her pamphlet and we chatted some more about visas for Australia. She was then talking about getting sponsored, etc. and mentioned that she could be a nanny. I said “that might be good considering the timing of the ABC Learning daycare* crashing…”

I don’t know WHAT I was thinking even mentioning that to her. If she didn’t know about Obama, she DEFINITELY wouldn’t know about that!

Sometimes I REALLY wonder what goes on in people’s brains.

*For the Americans…ABC Learning could be going under and it is a big news story at the moment

12 thoughts on “Some People are so Unaware”

  1. wow – maybe because i work at CNN, but i can’t even imagine not following the worlds current events.

    but i also can’t imagine not opening presents on christmas.

  2. Well, first congrats on your candidate winning. But I did laugh out loud about your neice, because even though we are republicans, my 5 year old voted for Obama on Nikc too. When I asked him why, he said because blue is his favorite color, and he looked cool!Out of the mouth of babes!Ha

  3. Well, first congrats on your candidate winning. But I did laugh out loud about your neice, because even though we are republicans, my 5 year old voted for Obama on Nikc too. When I asked him why, he said because blue is his favorite color, and he looked cool!Out of the mouth of babes!Ha

  4. hey elsja….just noticed your comments on the blog and thought i would check you out. funny story…and i’m right there with ya on the religion that doesn’t allow you to celebrate bithdays and christmas! talk about “unaware”.
    anyway…i’ll check back to see what you’re up to. i like these better than facebook ๐Ÿ™‚
    btw…was cracking up at your comment about jared chasing you down whetmore. you were just as cute back then! have you seen the group on facebook called “lost kids of whetmore lane”. check out my groups…kinda funny!

  5. I guess it was just me but when I was reading this post I was like, “Who admits they heard you talking on the phone and that they were listening?” lol. The last pamphlet a JW gave to me I used to kill a spider. It worked wonders. Hope yours comes in handy too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hello Elsja… first off, nice blog! I stumbled upon it from searching for blogs about moving to Australia. As an expat-to-be (I start school at USyd in Feb) I am really enjoying your posts about life in Sydney. Also, I totally agree that some people can be completely out to lunch but please don’t think all Canadians have their heads buried in the snow when it comes to world events! Seriously with the media coverage and election events that took place here leading up to, and the day of the election, it felt like WE were electing a president! I teach and I can honestly say I have never seen kids discussing politics like they have been lately. Anyway I also think it’s funny that your girl at the door wasn’t even embarrassed to be asking such a ridiculous question, which is especially telling. Maybe in addition to birthday cake, Jehova’s Witness aren’t allowed to consume media…?

  7. wow that is amasing. i’ve worked with jehovah’s before, and they don’t tend to live under rocks! perhaps she just doesn’t own a tv and stays away from any news, but even then….

  8. Yeah I don’t think it has anything to do with her being JW… i want to make that clear. I had a friend who was a myspace fiend so obviously they do keep up with media and technology ๐Ÿ™‚ She was just a dimwit in general.

  9. Events in the USA are not \”World Events\”. There are people who don\’t care; people who are fed up with certain countries I won\’t name digging into the affairs of as many countries they can.

    Since you work at CNN: please provide us statistics on per capita murders, per capita school shootings, per capita prosecution. See you after the break.

    Then look at the spectrum of voter turnout and you\’ll find that for some reason you all like to talk up a big game and act politically savvy; but nearly half of you care to vote. Odd? YES.

  10. I beg to differ. Whether people like it or not, the election was world news. That doesn’t mean everyone has to care, but if you turned on any TV in many countries that day, it was all over the place- very hard to avoid. This girl in my story would have had to avoid watching ANY TV or reading any newspapers for 3 days, it just surprises me that people could bet that out of touch.

  11. Sophie – you are a moron. It was world news. Were the attacks on NY etc on 9/11 not world news? Stay in your hole and enjoy your warped, unrealistic view of the world. I live on the west coast of Australia and it was on every newspaper and TV headlines here.

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