So I didn’t really expect anything to change in the 2 1/2 months that I was gone, but a few things have caught my attention over the last few days. Like the Lays Potato Chip bag is different, Quizno’s has new menu items, gas prices went through the roof, my sister painted some of her house?and my dad installed a new fancy toilet in my bathroom.

BUT- I’ve noticed?way more things that have stayed the same. Here are just a few.

1. People still can’t drive! My road rage has returned!?This kind of diminished when I moved away- if I drive in Australia, I’m so focused on the actual act of driving that I don’t care about retarded and/or slow drivers (in fact, I’m probably one of them). Well, the minute I returned,?the?frustration?came back! In fact, I think it’s worse. Maybe it’s the holiday season but I feel like it takes me FOREVER to get anywhere. TOnight some old lady was driving 3 miles an hour (literally) down my sister’s street because she was looking at the lights. Well the lights must have blinded her because she failed to see ME trying to actually DRIVE behind her.

2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Oh how I missed these wonderful treats. I got my first one today and it brings back so many memories… of last year… when I used to get pumpkin spice lattes.

3. Missing Andrew. It’s only been a few days, but I feel like we’ve been apart forever. Just being home brings back all the feelings of missing him ALL the time? It’s great to think I’ll get to see him in a few weeks. On the flip side, it feels like I just saw my friends and family last week. My niece even said “it feels like you just left yesterday and then came back!” It won’t be nice leaving them all- but it shouldn’t be as hard as last time.

4. The TVs at the gym are still pieces of shit that never work. Today about?5 TVs out of 16 or so were working, and they were all playing the same stupid People’s Court.

5. My cell phone still has crappy service. Something that I forgot about after using Skype for the last few months.

6. Turkey Pepperoni is as wonderful as I remembered.

Overall, it feels like I was only gone a few weeks. But it does feel strange that it’s suddenly cold and dark after spending the last 8 months or so in warmer weather (and daylight savings time). It also is strange that jet lag not only affects sleeping patterns, but it affects my stomach as well. I don’t get hungry until at least 1:00-2:00pm – but then I’m hungry all night. It’s like I’m still on my Aussie eating schedule.

1 thought on “Some Things Never Change”

  1. i’m so glad to hear that someone else craves mexican food like i do! and don jose’s for that matter!!!!

    have a mini-chimi for me!

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