Admist all the crap that has been going on this week, I still have manged to do a few nice things.

1. Shannon’s Birthday Party. Saturday night we headed to Shannon’s house in Redondo and had a mini pizza party with like 7 of us. I got to play their fabulous new Wii which I really want now! Mainly because I can play tennis against myself from my living room! Then we went out to Union Cattle, but since I was sober amongst drunkards, I was secretly hoping I could sneak back to Shannon’s to play some more Wii!!!

















2. Ducks Game. My dad and I went to the Ducks/Kings game at the Pond on Sunday. A vendor of his owns one of the boxes there (that costs over 100K a year). The ducks lost, but it was still a really exciting game and it reminded me how much I like going to hockey games. And I like them even more when I get to sit in the box and eat free food! It was really nice of them to invite us! 🙂

12-06 Ducks Game, Baby Gianna 003 (Small).jpg


















3. Baby Gianna. I got to hold the cuddly little bundle yesterday for the first time. She just got to come home a few days ago after spending almost a week in the hospital. Poor baby had little parts of her head shaved for the medical stuff they had to do 🙁 She’s so sweet and precious. She slept the whole time so I’ll definitely have to go see her again soon when she’s awake!!

12-06 Ducks Game, Baby Gianna 007 (Small).jpg

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