What did I do today? I ATE! I actually ate real food for the first time in almost 11 days. My cleanse ended last night and technically I was only really supposed to have orange juice today, but I had OJ and soup. I couldn’t resist. I made the biggest tastiest pot of wonderful soup and I had some for dinner. It’s probably bland and tasteless, but to me (the person who hasnt eaten ANY food in 10 days) it tastes like Heaven. Tomorrow I will have some for lunch and then I may just have some tomato/cucumber/avocado salad for dinner. It is the most wonderful feeling to eat again.

You know what else is wonderful? Jen and James got engaged!! My best friend is getting married… ooo heheh… it’ll be like “My Best Friend’s Wedding”… except my best friend isn’t a guy I want to date. Jen is so happy and I am so happy for her and James! Since miss speedy Garcia has to have her wedding in 2 months I’ll be home again in CA in March. My family is excited, you should be too!

As I said, I am so happy for Jen and James… but (and I feel guilty for saying this) I think I am more happy to finally eat. I’m sure in a few days, once I’ve gotten back to regular eating habits, then my excitement will shift back to Jen and James.

2 thoughts on “SOUP! (and love)”

  1. hahaha! i love that you fully admitted to liking the bland soup better than your BFF’s engagement! amazing.

    congrats on making it though the whole thing. now you can sign up for survivor and feel confident.

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