Another restaurant review… of course only the people in Australia can REALLY appreciate this- especially all my American expat friends. Andrew and I headed to a somewhat new restaurant tonight called “South.” It’s a southern American style restaurant right in my neighborhood (Neutral Bay to be precise)! No- not South American… Southern American- like ribs, crawfish and cole slaw type stuff! It’s really uber exciting for people like me to see a menu with such items as pumpkin pie, banana pudding (with real nilla wafers), pecan pie and homemade lemonade. I must admit I didn’t order any of these items, but it was really cool to know that I COULD if I wanted to (and if we wanted to pay loads for them… the desserts are pretty darn expensive).

Our first impression was good… we were greeted by the American owner Leo who was super friendly! So we went to order and we were less impressed with the waitress. She didn’t speak great English so it was hard to understand her. Andrew was really craving the Jambalaya and was really disappointed when they didn’t have any ready. If we waited an hour we could have some- but we weren’t really interested in waiting. Andrew was kind of grumpy then because he didn’t really want the ribs or pulled pork sandwiches or crawfish… he just got a small bowl of gumbo instead. He said it was “alright.” It was pretty pricy at $14 bucks for the bowl!

I on the other hand loved my smothered chicken. It was a chicken breast covered with cheese, grilled onions and bbq sauce (I requested no bacon). It came with yummy blackened corn and some greens type stuff. At $26 bucks it was pretty pricy as well- but when you take into account the fact that (A) everything in Australia is expensive and (B) The guy probably has to import items for half his menu, it’s a little more understandable. There’s not really anything like this place in the area- so it’s a nice place to go if we want something different.

I also had the homemade sweet tea which would have been good if it didn’t have lemon in it. I hate lemon in tea- but most people like it, so I can’t complain about the tea at all since it’s just not my preference. The fact that they even have fresh brewed iced tea is amazing. Most places here just have bottled lipton CRAP and they charge an arm and a leg for it!! I think I’d try the homemade lemonade next time.

Lastly, we ordered the cornbread. Definitely wouldn’t get this again. It was fine- just fine and you got 3 small pieces for 6 bucks so it wasn’t worth it. I’d definitely try one of the other sides instead though… maybe mac and cheese 🙂

At the end of the meal, Leo came out again and really apologized about the Jambalaya. He had to make 2 huge batches of ribs that day and he makes ALL the food on his own- so the jambalaya started cooking too late for us to order it. He was really cool about it, gave us his card and told us when we come back next he’ll take care of us.

So, even though Andrew wasn’t impressed with the waitress, the cornbread or the fact that he didn’t have what he wanted to eat- he still said he’d go back due to the great customer service. I’d definitely go back because my food was good and there’s a few other things I want to try.

I should start taking pictures of my food… I think that would make these restaurant reviews more exciting.

2 thoughts on “South”

  1. Thanks for this post because I’ve never heard of the restaurant! I really appreciate your review. After spending a month in the US and having pulled pork, ribs, and great American cooking, my husband it really on the southern cooking bandwagon! I’m looking forward to taking him here, at least for a try! Thanks again!

  2. Glad to be of service :)I hear the ribs and pulled pork are REALLY good (reviews on but I don’t eat beef or pork, so I can’t really give you a first hand testimony!

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