Stationery, Calendars, Binders… Love

People who know me well will know I’m a sucker for anything related to organising and planning. One of my favourite things about going back to school was the shopping. No, not just shopping for clothes, I also got excited to shop for school supplies. Pens, stationery, notebooks, binders, folders to put in the binders, calendars and more. Even remembering the feeling I got at the office supply shop makes my heart skip a beat.So when Andrew told me he wants us to get our personal files organised I was naturally super excited because it means I get to go shopping for more binders and folders and labels galore. I can’t be the only one out there who gets excited about this stuff, can I?

You know another thing I get super excited about? Photo gifts. Call me cheesy but I create a photo calendar for my mom every year on her birthday. It has become a tradition because let’s face it- what mom/grandma doesn’t love gifts with photos of their kids and grandkids?

You know a third thing I love? A good discount! Really, who doesn’t like easy to use coupons and price reductions?

Where am I going with this ramble about all these strange things I love? I’m about to share a secret with you about a website devoted to all of these things put together. Office supplies, stationery, printable gifts and coupons. Fantastic.

I’m not sure if you all know about Vistaprint but if if you’re into printing things, check out this site where you can find Vistaprint coupons and great deals on Vistaprint products.

Hopefully you’ll find something there that might make your heart skip a beat too. Surely grandma needs a new coffee mug featuring YOUR mug this year.



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