This weekend I went to Wild Rivers with my niece and nephew and had a great time. Emma was very brave. For a girl who just learned to swim (took her a little longer due to a scare she had a few years ago when she fell in a pool- it kinda traumatized her)- she was pretty brave and went on all the little slides that she was able to go on. Sadly, I heard they are closing WR after this year… probably to build even more overpriced houses that no one can afford. All that summer fun for families in OC will be washed away by more cement and wood. Gay. It’s been a tradition the last 4 years for me and Preston to go to Wild Rivers. Kinda sad that it will be ending now. Oh, but it’s not sad that I will no longer be forced to witness the beasts in bathing suits that are so prominent around the park. I’ve never seen so many trashy OBESE families in bathing suits in my life. It’s pretty sad because you see these kids who are super overweight… realize just how unhealthy they are- and then you see their parents who are ten times worse. Poor kids.

After I got home I was so tired that I contemplated going to bed at 7:30. No joke. The only reason I didn’t is because I knew I would wake up really early on Sunday and I didn’t want to. I just wanted to sleep in! I knew I needed a night to relax and veg after all my stress and work lately, but I didn’t realize just how bad I would need it. Sooo… I opted to stay home and just watch lots of TV. I was able to stay awake for a few hours but was in bed before 11:00pm. I just really needed the rest.

At least I managed to get one shade darker (my skin I mean) so now instead of pasty white, I am just milky white… wait, is that even darker than pasty? Still got a ways to go before I am even remotely tan. Maybe that will change next week when the girls and I go to Palm Springs!


Ooook… bed time.

oh… and…

Exciting news to come… stay tuned for details.

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