I know I have no room to talk, since 2.5 years ago I left my friends and family and moved halfway around the world… but would our friends and family in Sydney please stop moving away?

One of the biggest struggles I face working from home is that I have not had the chance to make many friends of my own here. I do have several great friends that I really enjoy spending time with but in all honesty, part of me has always struggled to get too close to some of them since many are ex-pats who will probably move away at some point . It’s hard to completely open up to someone who you know won’t be around for long.  So, I’d say a vast majority of my time is spent with Andrew’s friends. I’d love to meet some more people on my own but I do like Andrew’s friends and I get on really well with some of their girlfriends. I’ve enjoyed getting closer to a few of them as the years have gone by.

I always knew that most of my American friends would end up leaving one day; but in the last few months, even our Aussie friends have started to trek off to new places around the world. It all started with Stu and Kimbo,  who we miss terribly. They had to go and move all the way to South Africa for Pete’s sake! I guess that’s ok though because it just means we get to go visit them this Saturday (yay) and they will be back later this year. 🙂   But then others started leaving too. First it was Andrew’s friend Wes… then his Brother Ben decided he was going to move to London for an undetermined length of time. Then last week I got home from California to find out that one of Andrew’s closest friends, Kris (and subsequently his girlfriend Tess, who has become one of my good friends) have decided to pack up and head to Hong Kong. UGH!

I left all my friends and family back in Orange County and now everyone is leaving me. Ok, I realize people are not leaving ME but it still makes me sad, nonetheless.

Can you all please stop moving away now?


7 thoughts on “Stop Moving Away”

  1. Saw that you are on the job hunt. Are you still looking to work from home or are you trying for office jobs? Is there much out there right now in your field? I’ve got my fingers crossed for you that you find something quickly, after spending 8 months looking for a job there last year, I know how tough it can be.

  2. I know how you feel. I was always the one moving away from my friends, and then a couple of Summers ago, one of my closest friends in CA left for the East coast! It was hard!

    On the upside, plans were set in motion on Friday for our visas, so if everything works out, we will be the proud owners of a couple of 457’s!

    Can’t guarantee that we will be around forever, but at least for a bit longer 🙂

    1. Hayley- that’s GREAT. I’m so excited for you and I hope evertyhing goes smoothly. That is such wonderful news.
      Dana- yes, I’m looking for something out of the house. I still am working part-time from home so I am looking for another part time position. My actual field is psychology and the requirements are a bit different here so I’ll have to find something a bit out of my field but hopefully something interesting with great coworkers. 🙂 I’ve heard (and seen) so many people struggle to find jobs. If it takes me 8 months, I don’t know what I’ll do.

  3. I 100% understand. I find it hard to make friends with expats when I know they will just be leaving at some point, but I just decided that I still will be friends with those people as you can never have enough good girlfriends that you get along with really well. I am here for the long haul as well, and I agree it’s hard to make friends, but little by little you’ll get there and end up with a circle of friends of your own too 🙂 It took me 6 years in London to find a couple good friends, who of course I miss like crazy now!

  4. Only 4.5more months and I will be home……..plus only 4.5 more days and you will be here!! Looking forward to a great holiday with you and lots of catch ups when I get home. Good luck with the job hunting.

  5. I know exactly how you feel Elsja! It’s tricky to make close friends when at our age most people already have a close circle. Dan’s friends/girlfriends have become my friends too, but after a year here I’m still trying to find my kindred spirits.
    The good news is our defacto visa is in the final processing stages (finally got my FBI check back – it took ages and I have a clean record!?) and so should have temporary residency within a matter of months! Yahoo! Yippee!!

  6. I know how much it sux!
    First i moved from all my friends and family in Brisbane to Sydney where i had two good Brissy friends. Then they both left Sydney!
    So i found new friends like you and just as we became close I’m leaving again…
    So back to the drawing board!
    Loosing friends definately SUX! but remember, good friends are forever!
    At least you have another great place to visit! there’s your silver lining!
    Tess xx

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