Some interesting things happened this week and since I have nothing better to write about, I thought I’d share these oddities with you all.

1. I know 7 people who have had babies in the last 10 days. SEVEN! In fact I’m pretty sure that number is actually 8 but I’m just forgetting someone. Sounds like there was a lot of Christmas Party hanky panky going on 9 months ago!

2. Thursday night after my work conference there was a Vegas themed gala dinner. As per usual I made a fool of myself dancing on the little stage but not as per usual I was awake until 3am, sloshed and walking around a casino with random people I just met. Sounds more like an actual night in Vegas. It wasn’t until the next day that I realised that none of my colleagues were actually with me AND none of the people I was walking around with knew each other either. We all just met and decided we were having way too much fun to go home. Here’s me with one of my new BFFs…

3. On Saturday I was walking the streets of Melbourne with Andrew for the first time and out of nowhere I heard someone yell my name. I turned around to see my next door neighbour walking down the very same street in exactly the same spot and at the exact same time at as us. How random is that?

4. My blotchy, hyper colour hand condition has not subsided. If anything it has gotten worse. It appeared last weekend and at first was only barely noticeable on one finger and a spot near my thumb. Then it started to get darker when my hand would get warm and now it’s just bright red all the time. Maybe my body is simply rebelling against turning 32 and is trying to whisk me back to the hyper colour 90s… or maybe I should see a doctor. Yeah, I think I’ll do that tomorrow.



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