With only 47 days until the wedding, I am starting feel the stress. The weird thing is- it’s not really WEDDING stress, I just have stress and anxiety about about everything else in life. Work, family hardships, taxes (which wouldn’t be a stress if my so-called Aussie accountant actually did something worthwhile over the last 3+ months) my 2nd stage visa application that is due 1 month after the wedding (only because I thankfully got an extension from the original due date of 2 days after the wedding). Ahh.. it’s all starting to get to me!

Not to mention, I haven’t even practiced my new signature. I spent YEARS of my life practicing the possible signature I would have if I married every boy I dated. I’m pretty sure that’s just what girls do. Well, maybe just the girls who are obsessed with names like I am (I’ve also maintained an ever-changing list of preferred baby names since I was probably 10). So now, 47 days before I actually WILL be changing my name, I still have no idea what my signature will look like. Most people say “Don’t worry, you don’t need to perfect it yet.” To that I say- “When you need to apply for a new drivers license, visa and passport right away, you kind of do!”

Then there’s the wedding-related stress of planning for all the visitors that will be in CA for the wedding. I know it’s not my job to organize plans for everyone, but I’m a control freak and part of me can’t rest and relax until I know everyone’s schedule.

Did I mention that I can’t seem to get into that mode that nearly all brides get into right before their wedding? You know, the one where they start eating right and working out to help them look great on their wedding day?? I haven’t got there. Of course I do the normal exercise that I always do but I thought some magical motivation would set in by now where I’d feel the need to double my workouts. Yeah that motivation hasn’t really hit me yet.

I’m really trying to enjoy the wedding planning process… but life just seems to be getting in the way at the moment. I sure am looking forward to my bachelorette cruise and pre-wedding massage right about now.

2 thoughts on “The Stress is Setting In”

  1. hang in there girl! we are almost there šŸ™‚ i totally have the stress too!!! i am so glad to hear you are in the same boat. only mine has some wedding stress as well (mostly because my mom is who she is). i too am a control freak and am worried about where everyone is booking their hotels… i am getting rsvps in now and with that comes the stress of placing people at tables and worrying “will they talk to each other?” and all that crap. then of course there is the stress of the dress. i haven’t seen it since february. and i won’t until the end of this month and man i hope i fit into it. or what if its TOO big and i have to pay like a gazillion dollars to alter it?? oh boy, wedding planning is FUN. hahahahahahha i think the magical motivation will kick in once you go to your fitting… i’m hoping thats when MINE kicks in. ha ha ha

    love ya lady, we’ll be alright šŸ˜‰

  2. Well, don’t worry too much… I was a complete mess – not only did I write our vows, I also ended up writing the entire ceremony! I was a complete control freak about every tiny thing!

    I was going to wear a sundress (since we were getting married at the beach in Florida) and then changed my mind at the last minute – bought a $65 wedding dress off Ebay and had it altered for $35 two nights before we had to leave for Florida! It was insanity!

    My cousin (who was on her way to do my makeup) ahd a seizure and crashed her car and her parents couldn’t make it to the ceremony and I had to do my own make up.

    So, even with all that craziness, as soon as I saw Joe waiting for me it all melted away. I didn’t hear a thing the officiant said, I didn’t care what my dress looked like and I messed up my vows like three times and Joe and I giggled through the whole thing. We have great pictures of us laughing (and I like to think that we started our marriage as we meant to go on – happy and laughing)

    Anyway, I guess what I am saying is that no matter how much you plan you can’t be prepared for everything and it won’t end up mattering to you much anyway once you take Andrews hand.

    Here’s a link to the picture of the dress – most people have horrible pictures in their mind when I tell them that I got a dress off Ebay for $65.00!!


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