I would post pictures- but, they are a little too revealing for the web…

Just letting you all know that I’m almost out of my second bottle of aloe. Granted, they aren’t the biggest bottles in the world- but at 6 bucks each (and the high probability that I’ll need another one)- this is proving to be an expensive burn.

And I thought I was going for a nice cheap day at the beach – even brought my lunch to save money! So much for that plan.

Thank goodness for aloe, and the ability to walk around in undies all day- clothes are pretty much too painful at this time. I cant really bend my knees too much because when I do, the backs of my knees and legs just kinda crunch up into this horrible burning, aching?misery

Putting “cooling aloe gel” on my body feels like I’m putting ben gay or icy hot all over. It’s cool- yet so hot at the same time. I even woke up at 2am and went into the bathroom to reapply the night I got the burn. Yes, it was that hot and that painful that I needed relief at 2am!

I’m wondering if this pain will go away anytime soon. Maybe day 4 of the burn will be a little better. Maybe less painful- maybe less red. I’m guessing from the looks (and feel) of my body at the current moment, I’ve got another few days of pain before the itching takes over and overwhelms me for another 4 days.

Ugh. Stupid hole in the ozone layer.

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