On Sunday we spent the day at Andrew’s dad’s house watching movies.  Are you looking for some feel good movies to watch this week  Well, these are NOT what you are looking for, but they ARE good!

44465561Movie number 1 was Gran Torino. I knew NOTHING about this movie other than the fact that Clint Eastwood was the star and some friends and family said it was really good. Literally, that’s it. Well, I do agree that this was a very good movie even though I thought the acting was HORRIBLE. Not so much from Clint, but from pretty much every other person in the movie (especially the Asian neighbors). Seriously, where did they find these actors??

Anyways, Clint is Walt, is a SUPER racist and lonely old man who fought in the Korean war and pretty much hates anyone who isn’t white, but ultimately finds unlikely friends in the Asian kids next door. I have to admit that the random racist remarks and stereotypes that came out of Walt’s mouth actually made me laugh because they were SO over the top  Is that bad? Overall it had a good storyline and was pretty touching and entertaining. Not the best movie in the world, but definitely good and I would recommend it if you haven’t seen it already.

boy-in-the-striped-pyjamasMovie number 2 was “The Boy in Striped Pyjamas.” All I knew about this movie was that it was about the holocaust. (I’m telling you, I usually know NOTHING about movies before I watch them. Australia has sheltered me from seeing a million movie trailers on TV). This movie is about a family who moves to a house right next to a concentration camp. The father is part of the Nazi party (odd since he was clearly English) and has been relocated there to manage this camp. The 8 year old son Bruno is curious about the “farmers” in the striped pyjamas so he goes exploring and finds a new Jewish friend on the other side of the electric fence.

Wow… here’s a downer movie if you’re ever looking for one. By the end of the movie I actually felt physically sick. I actually don’t understand why I cry when I watch Grey’s Anatomy but I didn’t during this film because it definitely warranted a few tears. But apart from the disturbing subject matter, the story of the children’s innocence and is actually quite uplifting at times. It had this really great quote at the beginning which was brilliantly depicted throughout the movie and I thought I would share it…

Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows.  John Betjeman

So true isn’t it?

I highly recommend this movie. You may need a tissue or two, but it’s definitely worth it!

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  1. Cpt J and I saw both of these movies. Since he is a self-proclaimed redneck he LOVED GT. I was dying because there was a young African American couple sitting to my right.

    BISP was predictable and devestating.

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