I’d like to share with you my feelings on infected ham snot.

I am not afraid of the swine flu. It’s the flu. I haven’t gotten any sort of flu in over 6 years and I don’t plan on getting this pig disease either.

Yet another reason I don’t care to eat swine.

swine flu2

Seriously though, why do people freak out so much? People die of the REGULAR flu every year. Mexican hospitals are clearly not up to par with health standards since they are the only country to report any deaths (for now). But seriously… people get flus every year. No more reason to worry about this particular one, right?

Swine Flu

I’ll tell you what I AM afraid of…

This porky virus causing people to freak out like they did with SARS which would therefore cause flights to cancel which would therefore cause problems for Amanda and Stephen when they fly here next week!

9 thoughts on “Swine Flu”

  1. I’m right there with you – I’m not one bit afraid of the swine flu. I worked in a hospital in Toronto during SARS and I can tell you that yes, it was serious, but also completely blown out of proportion, especially since it was not really a threat to those who were not in hospitals. Hell, I was working on a unit that had SARS patients and I wasn’t even worried. Now, my only caveat on swine flu is that it might be more serious than regular flu because it has more serious affects in younger and healthier people, while regular flu is generally only deadly in the elderly, children and the immunocompromised. Still, I see no reason for panic. None whatsoever!! Our modern times simply can’t compare with the last swine flu epidemic. It will be interesting to watch how the world reacts, though. Hilarious pics!

  2. Me too! I agree. Rick flies out in 3 weeks if the don’t shut everything down first!
    I was just having that conversation with someone else about the flu’s death rate in mexico because of their crappy healthcare system. Now they confirmed that the child who died of it here in America was in fact a mexican citizen visiting family in Texas.

  3. I agree, and have been to the Doctor only once in the last 20 years. Your attitude is fantastic as well as your confirmation that you are not going to get it. The news simply blows everything out of proportion because that is what they get paid for. Keep your resolve strong people that mentally refuse to become ill never almost never do. You have a high Constitution. The human mind is the most powerful tool there ever was, and can heal the body. Two weeks ago I was faced with needing reading glasses, and refused to accept that as part of my life. That attracted a book called ?do you really need eyeglasses? by Dr. Marilyn B. Rosanes-Barrett. Now my vision is perfect again.

  4. i really dont agree im sorry but the slinflu is wores its every where and its spreads faster even in skool but at the same time im with u no lie i got your back no matter what!!!…>.<…XD

  5. Sammy after reading your ‘comment’ I’m obviously getting ripped off by my dealer. Can you send me the contact details for yours?

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