Sleepwalking Dogs

I FINALLY upgraded to the newest version of wordpress and that means I can FINALLY upload videos again. YAY. Thanks so much to my techy savior Emanuel for helping me get my blog back into the 21st century. So in honor of my ability to post videos again after oh so long, I thought I’d …

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Bird Wars

As a rule, our birdies typically don’t like other birds. But lately, they’ve been living in peace with a few Myna birds that have been frequenting the balcony. They used to chase the Mynas away and scream at them in their squaky squak voice, but lately… not so much. I’m really happy they have put …

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Love Birds

You know how when you’re a kid your parents tell you not to feed the stray cat in the neighborhood because it will just keep coming back over and over and over again expecting food? Well, the same thing goes for birds evidently. I’m pretty sure Andrew and I have just adopted pets… 2 birds …

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Caring for Animals

My boyfriend is so caring… Free range eggs are one thing that he actually spends a bit more money on at the grocery store, even though caged eggs are cheaper. Ok maybe he thinks they taste better but I like to think he actually cares about the chickens. Here’s a conversation we had today… ?Andrew …

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