Bowling Skills

Wii bowling has totally improved my real bowling skills. I know this post is a little delayed but last week when Andrew, my sisters, their husbands and I went to Strike bowling bar in Tustin. In a game with 6 participants… I WON! I couldn’t believe it. It’s one thing to beat 1 person, or …

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Airports used to be exciting places. Going to an airport meant you were going somewhere cool or picking up loved ones who were coming to visit! Now 90% of the time, airports are filled with goodbyes for me. I’m almost always saying goodbye to someone. When I flew here I had to say adios to …

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Happy Birthday Tootse!

I want to say a special happy birthday to my precious little 6 year old niece, Emma. I miss her beautiful little face, her amazing intelligence and her spunky attitude! I can’t believe she is so old 🙁

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