Work Life Balance

Today I went to an interesting talk by Nigel Marsh all about work/life balance. What a great speaker! One of the first things he told us is how the “work/life balance” phrase is flawed. “Work/life balance” implies that there should be an even balance between work and personal life- but that’s just not realistic. Not only that, …

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101 Highlights

Total completed goals: 70 Proudest achievement To be honest, there isn’t just one goal that I’m most proud of. #90. Become a resident in Australia is a pretty big one but it doesn’t actually make me feel the proudest because although it was a pain in the ass, it wasn’t a challenge for myself. While …

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My 101 Wrap Up

Hello everyone and welcome to 2011. Isn’t it crazy how we move forward one measly day?from December 31st to January 1st and yet everything seems so new and exciting? 2011 will be the start of a new year full of highs and lows (hopefully mostly highs) as well as accomplished goals, fun times and hopefully …

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