Happy Things

Because I have nothing else to write about, I’m writing about things that make me happy this week. Picnics by the beach with Andrew on Sunny Sundays. Wedding planning- how can you NOT like picking colors and music and flowers and all that wonderful stuff? Farmville on Facebook… yes, I know, I’m pathetic. Walking down …

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My Favorite Things

So I swear I’ll post some apartment?pictures soon. Just waiting for a few more things to be accomplished in this place- including receiving our chairs for our dining table- so as soon as that’s all done- I’ll get to it. Probably by next weekend. If you are really impatient, I do have a few “unfinished” …

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All Grown Up

So finally at the ever-so-young age of 27, I have moved into my very first apartment. Ok you can all laugh. I know plenty of people do this?8-9 years before I made my?first move- but I was just waiting for the right time 🙂 Andrew and I moved in to our apartment in Mosman on …

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