Andrew and I won’t be taking engagement photos (unless some lovely photographer in Sydney would like to take some for us for free) 🙂 – but we were fortunate to take some awesome shots back in June when we went to California- so let’s just pretend these are engagement photos, shall we?  My BFF is …

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Airports used to be exciting places. Going to an airport meant you were going somewhere cool or picking up loved ones who were coming to visit! Now 90% of the time, airports are filled with goodbyes for me. I’m almost always saying goodbye to someone. When I flew here I had to say adios to …

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And now for the tale of Andrew’s revenge. It’s not really that great, and I’ve probably built it up over the last few days… but the truth is- I was just too lazy to post about it then. So the other night as I was brushing my teeth, Andrew was singing as he was walking …

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Costa Rica

So we’re back… we have been a few days! It was SUCH a great time, some interesting, unplanned events… but still was really?fun. Unfortunately our camera broke after a few days of the trip so we don’t have many pictures. For the?few that we do have- click HERE.?So since I’m lazy, I’m just posting some …

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