I Got Tagged

Wow… I never get tagged. Sure I get the massive amounts of forwarded emails asking me to fill out surveys left and right, but never (that I know of) has someone actually posted my name on their website saying “I tag Elsja.” So when Daisy – this lovely lady mentioned my name in her blog, of …

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Does anyone shed as much hair as I do? I’m pretty sure that between all the hair that my vacuum picks up, the hair in the shower, in my brush and the hair that magically appears on my clothes,?on?andrew’s socks & jackets, in the couch, car and bed… I could make a full length wig. …

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Sometimes my motivation is high… I have energy and willpower and brainpower and I get things done. Take Jen’s wedding for instance. When she called to tell me she was getting married, I got my butt into gear and started researching, planning, ordering, buying and?emailing. I was so motivated by this in fact that I …

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