A few weeks ago I entered a competition on the Harris Farm Facebook page to win a Tefal Soup & Co. soup maker. This Soup & Co. is basically a blender with a heat setting so you just toss in your ingredients, push a button and 30 minutes later you’ve got yourself some soup.

Low and behold, it just so happened that I was chosen as one of the winners of the competition! How exciting!

Why the heck would anyone want a soup maker you ask? Why not just cook soup in a pot, you ask? Both good questions, but  if you know me you know I love ANY kitchen gadget. For blended soups and sauces this is really a useful item to own. Previously I would have had to cook the soup or sauce in a pot and then transfer bit by bit into my food processor until it was all blended, usually making a complete mess along the way. So I love the idea of one appliance that does it all! This soup maker also doubles as a blender which will be handy for smoothies and frosty alcoholic beverages come summer.

It’s massive as well. It holds up to 1.8 litres so the batch of soup I made Saturday was enough for 4 Elsja sized portions (maybe 3 Andrew sized portions). It also comes with a recipe book which I used to make the vegetable soup shown in the photos. I won’t bother posting the recipe because to be honest it was pretty average, but it was so easy to make. I just chopped up the ingredients, threw them in the jug thing, added water and pressed one button. That’s it. It went from photo 2 to photo 3 in 30 minutes. It even stays warm for awhile after which is good for people like me who don’t like to clean up right away because there is no need to worry about the leftovers cooling and leaving a crusty film on the pan that is nearly impossible to scrub off.

Thanks so much to Harris Farm for this awesome prize! Definitely looking forward to using my fun new gadget very frequently in the near future!

5 thoughts on “Tefal Soup & Co.”

    1. Hi David! Are the recipes written in Italian, Spanish, etc? Wouldn’t help me much if I couldn’t read them. 🙂 I’ll have to see if I can dig out the recipe book from one of our drawers. I’d have to scan all the pages as well.

      1. Hello Elsja, Yes, the recipes are in their respective languages. Not too difficult to understand, though, if you know a bit of French and Latin (and lists of ingredients are easy enough to translate online, of course, or use http://www.wordreference.com). Would you like a sample page?

  1. Hi Elsa. Great Blog! I bought my mother a display BL 900 from Myer and it was the very last one! Out of stock everywhere. The only problem is We don’t have a recipie book;( I’m disappointed as I’m seeking a book from “somewhere, anywhere”. Would it be too much to ask for a PDF of yours if you are able? Thank you, if not its worth a try, as mum is limited slightly to the wonders of this machine, we both love it.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated…
    Cheers Ina

    1. Hi Nina!

      I do have the book but not a pdf version. It’s nearly 100 pages so I’m afraid I wouldn’t have time to scan each of the pages at work. If you’re willing to- I could mail you the book so you could scan/copy all the pages yourself if you would promise to mail it back to me afterwards. 🙂 If that sounds ok, click the “contact” button at the top to email me your mailing address. 🙂


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