Andrew and I went searching for a couch yesterday. We found one we wanted that was pretty comfy and spacious (but not TOO big) and in our price range. They had it displayed in some ugly color so we decided to go order it today in a different color. The fabric swatch we picked out looked great and it looks good in the picture below so we thought it would be great. Everything was great.


Yeah… turns out it’s not so great. Today we went to order it and saw a different hideous couch in the color swatch we had picked out for ours. This couch was atrocious in its design…and the fabric was suddenly looking less appealing. Kinda looked like a brownish/purply/grey color. It would totally clash with my pillows I bought that are still MIA on some random boat in the middle of the ocean. Luckily, we found another color we liked- a lighter chocolate shade of brown. Yay for us.

But then we were told it was discontinued!

So luckily we found another color we liked, a dark camel/taupe color. Yay for us!

And it too was discontinued. UGH.

Finally we decided on a color that was good enough, not our favorite, but it soon became perfect when compared to the other options… a light greyish/sagey green. Yay for us!

“Oh, I’m sorry, I have some really bad news… the “fawn” is discontinued as well.”

WTF? – they discontinued these colors to bring in the new spring line of electric-blue, piss-yellow and whothehellwouldbuythis-purple (no joke).

So now… what were we stuck with? Either the “raisin” brownish/purply/grey color or a SUPER light beige that would get dirty and ugly in 2 seconds. They did have another brown fabric that I thought was decent but andrew said it looked old and cheap. We didn’t really like any of our options… what were we to do?

We decided to sleep on it. I don’t really know how sleeping will help us make a decision between two ugly colors- but we really like the couch and it’s in our price range. All the other good ones (a total of 2) we found were $1700-2400…no thanks! The brownish/purply/grey really doesn’t look too bad in the picture. maybe it was just the God-awful couch it was draped over that made it appear uglier than it really is.


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