12 days until I take off for California

19 days until my bridal shower

31 days until my bachelorette cruise to Ensendada

40 days until I marry the best guy ever!

Can someone please tell me how on earth I’m supposed to fill my free time after it’s all?finished? What am I supposed to think about when I’m on the exercise bike? Wedding planning and thoughts fill my head 80% of the day. I do sense that I’ll be dealing with some serious post-wedding depression when it’s all over.

So many people say “You’ll be happy when it’s over because of all the last minute stress.” I’m kind of hoping that is true because otherwise I might be a miserable married mess… especially when I come back to Sydney and there is no more Masterchef on every night!

2 thoughts on “The Countdown”

  1. First let me say, I feel you on the Masterchef, I watch it every night and I don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s over, LOL.

    Second, I just got married last year and while planning the wedding was so amazing and fun, I would never choose to do it EVER again. Down at the end, the last week is the most stressful and you’ll just be happy to be done with it. After the wedding you’ll find tons of things to occupy your time and thoughts, TRUST ME, it will be a relief =)

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