WTF is up with the DMV? I know it’s always been a hell hole but I haven’t been there in probably 8 years and I swear it got worse. I arrived at 8:20am and there were literally probably 150 people already waiting. I drove through the parking lot once and then decided to park in some distant neighborhood. The lot was like a mall lot on Christmas eve. People driving around in circles, dodging pedestrians left and right, it was crazy! Inside there were probably 100 chairs set up and they were ALL full. I REALLY wanted to take a picture to show Andrew how insane it was but I didn’t think I’d be able to do it discretely.

Did I mention that they don’t take credit cards? You probably knew that already, but seeing as how I haven’t been there in over 8 years, I just kind of assumed they would be a “modern” organization and take plastic. Do they realize how many poor people come through that place? Some people wouldn’t be able to pay the $28 license fee if they couldn’t use a credit card. (Yes Aussies, you heard that right, $28 for a 4 year license).They take personal checks (which surely bounce ALL the time) but they won’t take credit cards. Idiots. Unfortunately for me, my debit card is back in Australia with Andrew and so I’ve been living off cash and credit while I’ve been in CA. I had $23 bucks in my wallet when I got in line. I needed $28. I tried using my Australian debit card… that didn’t work. She politely said “You can run to the bank and just come back straight to me.”- Yes! That is EXACTLY what I feel like doing. Going to the bank to get out $5 measly bucks so I can come back to this hell hole and pay for my new license from a state that I don’t even live in. Some might say “why bother?” Well, unfortunately some eating and drinking establishments (i.e. restaurants and bars) don’t accept foreign ID and as I’m about to explain, some banks don’t either!

So since I was $5 short, I had to go wait for the bank to open at 9am in order to get cash out. I had to sit there for 25 minutes to get $5. How fun!They didn’t know what to do with my Aussie license, I didn’t bring my passport because I didn’t plan on having to make a trip to the bank that morning and when I showed them my US ID, they couldn’t accept it because it is expired. Duh, that’s why I need the money in the first place! Such a pain in the ass!! Finally I got the cash but seriously, not having my atm/debit card really made things difficult.

With all that said I probably would have been out of there in 15 minutes if I didn’t have to leave, walk to my car, wait at the bank, get money, drive back, park, and wait again to talk to the same lady. Making an appointment REALLY speeds things up. I felt really bad for the other 150 people waiting their turn. I hope they packed their lunches.

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  1. The DMV was the ONLY place in the US that were rude to me as an Australian in the US…but my American friends said not to be offended…that it was pretty standard for their service. lol It was like they all hated their job!!! USCIS were nicer to deal with…and that’s saying something! Cheers! 🙂

  2. Too funny. When I went to get my name changed on my license when we moved back to the US from Australia, I took in my marriage certificate to the DMV (which mine was exactly how you described as well), which of course attracted about four people all pouring over it trying to decide if it was some sort of fake or something with the Australian National emblem of a roo and emu at the top. Good Lord. It was ridiculous. I asked them should I bring in my wedding photos (sarcastically). “No, you could fake those too”. Are you fking kidding me? They finally accepted it, but I believe it was under duress. Stupid hicks.

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