I’m sure this blog will be very boring to most of you, but I’m so annoyed that I have to write about it anyways!

So last year when I came here, our US Dollar was worth about 1.20-1.25. Awesome for me šŸ™‚

Well it has slipped now and it is only worth about 1.10. Still, it’s good that it’s worth more- but since I got here 2 weeks ago, it has weakened by 2 cents and that means I am basically getting a slight pay decrease on a weekly basis since I get paid in US dollars. Imagine if every week your pay went down by a few cents an hour. That would piss you off too!

Since everything here is way more expensive- you really need to rely on the strong dollar to even things out. Now things are just getting more and more pricey!

Our dollar is currently worth less than it has been in almost 24 years.Ā Figures- I move to Australia and our dollar goes to crap and makes everything immediately more expensive- and according to the news- it is only going to get worse!

SUCKS! The US seems to just be going further and further downhill in my eyes.

FromĀ Associated Press:

With a clear suggestion that we’re going to see further rate cuts from the Fed in due course, the dollar has slipped back once again,” said James Hughes, a market analyst with CMC Markets.

Lower interest rates, used to jump-start the economy, can weaken a currency as investors transfer funds to countries where their deposits and fixed-income investments bring higher returns.

The dollar’s recent decline began in earnest when the Fed decided last month to cut its benchmark interest rate by more than expected to 4.75 percent in reaction to the U.S. subprime mortgage debacle.

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  1. Tell me about it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Try being the sole provider for a family of almost 5 and in the same predicament!!!!!!! yeah my hubby works for a California Company that is trying to “eventually” make it’s way over here to OZ and yet just hasn’t made the plunge and so we are made to hassle with the money swapping from our american bank to our aussie bank and pay all the fees that go along with it!!! and of course as you mentioned the american dollar hasn’t helped us out in one bit!!! Makes me soooooooo angry some times I could scream but then what would the aussie neighbors think of the American living next door?!?!?!?!?! LOL

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