So my internet took a dump this week. Australia has these awful download limits on their internet plans. Well, we (I) reached ours by downloading a few too many episodes of grey’s anatomy and gossip girl, so our internet was useless for awhile. Today starts the new month and it’s back to being remotely quick. I feel like I’ve been freed from internet jail hell. It’s a good day.

But I’ll tell you what isn’t good…


I finally saw my first Huntsman the other day:


And yes, it was that big. Now, in all honesty- I DID see one of these before. But I was warned ahead of time that there was one on the house and we all went out to take a look and it wasn’t that big.

THIS occurence was a surprise… and of all places to see one, I saw one in the very place that freaks me out the most. On the car!! Why does the car scare me the most? Well, because many times, these are found INSIDE the car and they scurry across the windshield (again, on the INSIDE). Now, this one was on the outside… THANK GOD, but it was dark and late and it made me want to vomit when I saw it’s furry giant legs crawling up the passenger window. I am very thankful that I was driving on this particular night, so it wasn’t MY face that was inches away from the creature. If I would have been in the passenger seat, I just might have shed a tear. Andrew actually opened the door to flick it off. However, you can’t exactly “flick” these spiders off the car. It was more like a shove, and when it hit the ground, Andrew heard a big THUD. GROSS. I really don’t like the fact that Andrew has no light in his car so every night when I get inside there could be creepy crawlies all over and I would never know! UGH.

So while spiders are not part of the Great Outdoors (they are part of the creepy, gross, ugly outdoors), we do have two GOOD outdoors things to mention.

1. Our patio. I finally took pictures of the patio with the table. This isn’t that exciting- and it’s pretty small, but my mom wanted to see pictures- so here you go:


(pictures removed)



2. We went kayaking yesterday. There were 7 of us, I was clearly the most useless when it came to my kayaking abilities, but I still had fun. I haven’t kayaked since we did it in our high school pool 11 years ago. I didn’t take pictures because I completely forgot my brand new waterproof camera that would have been PERFECT to bring. Oh well, next time. And today, I am sore. Kayaking is rough on the muscles! But it’s not my arms that hurt, it’s my left calf. Yes, evidently kayaking is REALLY hard on the calves (particularly the left one). Who knew?

Oh and also this takes care of #40 on my 101 list (go kayaking) woohoo!


11 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors”

  1. Not to be a copy cat or anything, but OH My god! That is so scary! I seriously do not know how I would be able to deal with spiders like that. Especially knowing they could be lurking in your car or inside your house! You are a very brave girl Elsja.

  2. Wait, who is HOLDING it?! That’s just nuts. I’ve seen a few, only one here in my apt now (thank God!) but that’s still a few too many! I’ll never get used to it. I have to say when you kill them though, they shrivel up all tiny and I also think “that’s what I was so afraid of?”. But that doesn’t help when you first spot one.

  3. Natasha I hate to tell you this but you were sitting in the front seat of the exact car that the spider was found on about 30secs after you got out. I got out of the back, wobbled you into a taxi then got back in the front and there it was on the window…you may have possibly brushed it on your way out.

  4. Yup natasha… this is true. I totally forgot! HAHA.

    As for who is holding it… I have no idea, I just found that picture on google. Some nutjob I guess.

  5. reading your story makes me feel sick.. I am absolutely petrified of HUNTSMANS…… the very name scares me… HUNTS-MAN? That isn’t cool.
    Since we moved into our new house, I have not seen one inside… and It was only just a few weeks ago, I saw the first one on the fly screen sliding door outside.. Ohh they make me shiver and creep me out. A few months ago, we had just finished buying some new furniture (so exciting!) hop in the car, simon is driving, im in the passenger seat… its hot, so the a/c is on… a freakin’ huntsman scurries up from underneath the glove box, and across my door… ohh my goodness, the surprising thing is I didnt freak like simon would have expected, I basically just jumped towards his side, and scrunched my eyes closed..
    the worst case ever was that we use to get them in our old house a lot… yes i do not like the look of them but hey if they are no where near my room, and noones around, there is no way i am touching them.. so i leave this one spider on a curtain in the hallway over the weekend, as ive gone away. I get home, and the spider has moved towards my room, so i get sime to remove it… then we go into the study… as im walking out, i notice another on the ceiling in there… yuck, 2 in one go! jokingly i say “at least they werent in my room”… go into my room, low and behold there is one above my side of the bed! i freak out, call my mum say she has to get an exterminator! shes say nah, dont worry… a couple of days later, another is in the kitchen… she had to get rid of it, so she finally decided we needed someone to check out our problem!! uuuughhh….
    I bet that was my dad holding that spider… hes a freak like that…

  6. haha I am glad I dont live in that house anymore… the exterminator guy said that they probably wandered through, and could have been in the air con vents!! eww.. I was so scared to turn on the air con with the fear that they would come flying out…
    and baby huntsmans look EXACTLY like the bigger ones, except really, really tiny…
    Fingers crossed, we dont find any here, my gosh they freak me out.
    I got to send you an article, ill go find it now!!

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