I think I am the only one who felt it. I thought I was losing it. I was peeing and I felt a little shaking… enough to make me stop peeing real quickly and stand in the door. As I was standing in the door I felt a little swaying… but not enough to make me believe it was an earthquake. I started to just think I was delusional and nutso. Maybe i was just dizzy or something. Well, I wasn’t crazy afterall… I came downstairs and sure enough there was a 3.9 about an hour away from here and it happened at the exact time that I felt it. I called my mom, she said she didnt feel it but they announced it on the news.

I’m so glad I’m not going crazy… but I do wonder how on earth I felt such a small earthquake when no one in this whole house did. And nothing was even shaking afterwards!

Now it’s off to bed. I am really looking forward to listening to the jackhammers at 11:40pm this lovely evening. They like to do construction on the toll road RIGHT behind my sisters house at God-awful hours of the night. They shine big giant lights into our windows and drill continuously into the concrete. I just don’t get it though… of the ENTIRE 133 toll road, why do all the repairs need to occur DIRECTLY right behind the back yard.

I think I’ll go throw water balloons at them. Or turn the hose on full blast and spray it over the wall. Maybe then they will leave… just until 4 am when they come back and wake me up. Yes, this is what happens. They are here from 11:30-12:00… then they leave and I get happy, only to be woken up again at 4 when they decide to grace me with their presence (and jackhammers, drills, and banging) yet again.

This should be a fabulous night. Earthquakes and jackhammers. Maybe them drilling into the ground is what caused the freaking earthquake. Ugh I hate midnight construction.

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