I went and saw “The Lake House” today. I really wasn’t too interested in seeing this, it looked weird and confusing- plus let’s face it, Keanu Reeves isn’t high on my list of favorite actors. Well, the other day, I heard really good reviews from Ebert and Roper or whatever.. (Jen always says their reviews are pretty right on). My mom asked if I wanted to see a movie today, and in my head I was thinking YAY- Devil Wears Prada… but, I had to hold out because my friends and I are going to that next weekend. (By the way… you ladies better not see it before then or I’ll be angry).

So I looked through all the other movies and thought… superman?? No. Click? Eh.. not with my mom. Hmmm… Lake House- that could be a good movie to see with mom, and even though I didnt want to see it before- I’m kinda interested since I heard good reviews.

Anyways..I was a little confused before I saw it… like- how are they making a movie about people who are writing letters to each other 2 years apart?? Well, I figured- eh.. after I see the movie, I’ll get it.

WRONG. Still don’t get it! Never will. If you see this- and you understand it, and you feel the need to explain it to me, please don’t. I am rather content not knowing. It’s only when I really try to figure it out that my brain hurts. My mom seemed to get it, she was trying to explain, but I guess I just can’t suspend my disbelief long enough to appreciate what they were trying to acheive with this storyline. I dont really understand what the writer had in mind when he/she wrote it. I mean I kinda do… but the whole time difference and years apart…

UGH- SEE??? Brain hurts. Just better if I don’t think anymore. Off to the gym to work out my mental frustration!!

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  1. I said Ebert & Roeper are USUALLY on. Maybe they’re just looking deeper into the movie than we care to. Oh well. Sounds like a waste of $10. Sorry.

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