So I get to the airport and go straight to the line to check in. As luck would have it, the baggage belts were broken so once I got my boarding pass I actually had to hang around for about 15 minutes with my bags until the belts started working. I then waited at the gate and was seated next to the most obnoxious Aussie guy ever. He just sat there bitching and moaning, saying things like “come ooooonnnn,” “geeeeeeeeeeez” and “hurry up!” (all under his breath of course but just loud enough to be totally annoying). This trip was starting off just as stellar as the first attempt. I almost got up to move but I waited2 seconds too long and got sucked into a conversation with him when he started talking. UGH! Finally some guy he knew (because we were all BFFs from the day before) walked up and that was my chance to bolt. I used the bathroom as an excuse and luckily when I returned we were all boarding (about an hour late!) To get to the air bridges everyone had to go down one of those people mover escalator things. Well, I think I was the only genius that realized it would take forever to get down that thing when 300 other people were lined up trying to do the same thing. I took the elevator (alone) and walked onto the plane before almost everyone else. Idiots.  Finally we all did board and took off with no more glitches. It seemed as if 99% of the passengers were from the day before; however, there were way less people. I guess there were quite a few people who didn’t want to get back on the A380. I did though, I wanted the flat bed!

The flight was uneventful. Probably the least turbulent of all my flights. I watched a few movies and TV shows and checked out a new bridal magazine. I only slept about 2 hours which meant that when I landed, I felt like a zombie. Unfortunately for my mom all the flight screens showed that we were flying in from Sydney at 7:40am. I suppose technically we were, but she was expecting a flight from Melbourne so when we were over an hour late- she struggled to figure out where we were. It didn’t help that we were flight 11 from Sydney (via Melbourne) but there was another flight 11 from Sydney arriving at the same time.

The whole trip was chaos… but I made it, I finally made it!  Now I am here in Huntington with my family and  friends. I finally get to do some real wedding planning and it’s so much fun!  Only downside I miss Andrew 🙁

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  1. I love your story about meeting John Mayer, I am a big fan of his and think that interaction was really cool. Sorry about the miserable time though otherwise.

    But I am so excited that we get to meet next week! Yay!!! Hope it works out for lunch as planned. See you later!

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