The Long Journy Across the Pacific – Part 2

jmAs I walked into the lobby of the hotel in Melbourne I noticed 2 things. The first thing was the long line to the desk. Surely this was going to take awhile. The second thing I noticed was John Mayer sitting on a chair to my left. I did a double take and had a momentary “is that really him?” thought run through my head. Then I saw this guy on the right (at least I think it was him) totally decked out in jewelry and sunglasses (indoors at 11:00pm) and thought, yup that guy definitely looks like he’s part of a rock star crew. Once I saw guitar cases I was certain.

I looked around and no one else seemed to recognize him, at least no one was staring. Was I the only one that knew who he was? Maybe everyone else just didn’t care (I’m sure that will be Andrew’s logic), or perhaps everyone else in business class were all too old and stuffy and tired to notice.

grammynom09-johnmayer14After waiting for far less time than I had anticipated, I got to the counter and checked in. As chance would have it, JM’s people finished checking in at the same time and so when I headed towards the elevator he was heading in the same direction. He got there before I did and the doors opened. He was kind enough to tell me to go ahead before him so I crammed in the back of the elevator with my 2 bags and he and two of his peeps entered with their bags. The extent of our dialogue consisted of him asking me what floor I was on, discussing the need to use card keys to actually push the floor buttons and then when I said “it’s been a long day” he sang a little song about the fact that we weren’t dead. It was a funny little tune that went something like this – “at least we didn’t diiiieeee, at least we didn’t diiiiieee.” It actually could have been “at least we’re not deeeead,” I really can’t remember, but you get the gist. Our dialogue ended with saying “have a good night” when his friends and I all exited on floor 6 and he proceeded to head on up to 8.

The next morning I had a bunch of time to kill so I sat down in the lobby area while I had some breakfast and tea and read the paper. I saw some of his group down there but he wasn’t around. Finally I went up to get all my luggage so I could check out. As I stood waiting for the elevator, I noticed that one was on floor 4, one was on 5 and one was on 8. Hmm… floor 8. So The one from floor 8 started heading down and when the doors opened, there he was, all alone with his luggage and massive sleeve tattoo. So this elevator dialogue consisted of me saying “we meet again” and then we both mumbled something about the flight and  when we got off he wished me luck on my flight and I did the same. Then I said, “I guess we’ll have the same luck” and then he told me they decided to take a completely different flight. I guess they didn’t want to get back on the A380 again. I don’t blame them. My thoughts were confirmed when I read  THIS.

Anyways, after 11.5 hours of traveling NOWHERE, it was a nice little experience to have some brief interaction with a pretty cool singer. Andrew… please no snotty comments on how stupid we all are for caring about celebrities. We all know how you feel already. As much as I realize that celebrities are just normal people with fancy careers, I still like seeing them in hotels after I’ve been stuck on a plane for 7 hours. 🙂

Up next: Part 3- finally getting there.

7 thoughts on “The Long Journy Across the Pacific – Part 2”

  1. Andrew can suck it! I think this is an awesome story!!! I love hearing celebrity run-in stories! At least it spiced up your horrid day.

  2. Holy freaking cow! You met John! JEALOUS! He’s my “if you could hook up with a celebrity with no consequences” pick. I’ve seen him in concert multiple times, and my husband can no longer go to his concerts with me because of the excessive puddle of drool that inevitably follows. If I were alone with him in an elevator, I could not be held accountable for my actions. Especially if he started singing to me.

    I would have considered my trip a success if only for that experience, flight diversion aside.

  3. Might I also add that I’m not really THAT obsessed with John Mayer, but I do fancy his music quite a bit. His looks and voice remind me of a boyfriend I used to have, and I listened to John Mayer’s albums through those lonely weeks post-breakup. I know he’s often a jack@$$ to fans, but I do love his voice and killer guitar skills.

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