The Most Ridiculous Product Ever Invented

Ok… maybe not EVER invented but let me tell you all about a new product that I just absolutely do not understand. Before I do, I’d like us all to take a look at the hand washing process.

1. Hands are dirty and germy

2. Go to sink and turn on water

3. Pump soap into dirty hands

4. Scrub dirty hands until they are nice and clean

5. Rinse and turn off water

Simple enough right? We’ve all been doing this for years.

Well Dettol have decided that humans are all morons and they’ve come out with the most ridiculous excuse to waste your money. The Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System.

dettol hand washing system

Now some critics will say that this product is great because it dispenses just the right amount of soap. Hmm… pretty sure I’m competent enough to push a soap dispenser with enough pressure to deliver an adequate amount of soap. What really gets to me is how the TV ads emphasize how this product helps prevent the spread of germs.


Let’s go back to that handwashing process from before. Step 3 says “pump soap into DIRTY hands.” If I’m reaching for the soap when my hands are still dirty, what do I care about germs? I’m about to wash them off!!! I won’t be touching the dirty, germy soap pump again after I rinse, right?

Seriously, who buys this crap?

3 thoughts on “The Most Ridiculous Product Ever Invented”

  1. Haha, I TOTALLY agree, I was thinking the same thing- who cares if I touch the germy bottle while my hands are still germy?? The soap I pump out will get rid of that. Even still, guess what germaphobes? Your hands are going to get “germy” again once you turn the faucet off when you are done rinsing off your hands because you more than likely turned it on while your hands were still “germy”. Better make all the faucets in your house automatic, too, to bypass that problem now. Haha, can you tell you hit on nerve for me with this post? 🙂 Oh and you forgot to mention the price-they are like $18 a piece, plus I think you still have to buy the battery for them. My mother-in-law bought 3, so nearly $60 on soap dispensers!!!!

  2. I guess the real question is….what kind of stupid person uses anti-bacterial soap? (My mom’s dispenser has regular hand soap, so as not to raise your risk of developing a resistance to good bacteria.)

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