As if I need ANY more television shows to watch. It used to just be 3- Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and Desperate Housewives (and CSI, but I never watched it religiously- just whenever I happened to catch it). But of course it just so happens that I simply try to watch these 3 shows, and then I leave the TV on and some more new shows start and then I just keep watching and then BOOM!!! These are added to my growing list of must-see television. In the last few weeks I have added Six Degrees, Heroes, and Studio 60. All these shows are pretty good but tonight… tonight is the topper. See… the season premier of Lost started tonight and afterwards a little show called The Nine started. Is ANYONE watching this show?? HOLY HELL! Can we say intense?? All the other new shows have been pretty good, good stories, kept my interest… but I think this is the winner. If you didn’t watch tonight, then go to and watch the first episode and get yourself hooked like me. It’s only halfway through and I already love it. And to think, there was a time in my household for over a year that we didn’t have ANY TV at all. I’m not talking cable here… I’m talking ZERO channels. What did I do with my time back then?

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