The Perks of Moving to Australia

My sister and her kids visited Australia for the first time this past week. We had 7 people staying in our tiny apartment but it was wonderful to have them here and to have the opportunity to show them around my home and my life. Of course I was devastated to see them go. I basically sat on my couch all day staring into space with intermittent trips to the washing machine to put on a new load of sheets or towels. When my sister left she sent me a text that said “I see now why you moved to Australia.” My response was “I only moved here for Andrew”- however, I knew what she meant. There is so much to offer here down under…. there are amazing things that some people only dream about. While I’m sure every place in Australia has wonderful things to offer I thought I would share a few of my favourite things about Sydney. After all, it is the best city in Australia. 🙂


The Beauty
My apartment is a 10 minute walk from Mosman Bay with beautiful boats and parks and glimpses of the city. It is a 15 minute walk to the beach with white sand, clear water, a little island with trees and greenery, boats, people kayaking and paddle boarding. It’s straight out of a travel catalogue. We are also a 15 minute drive or 20 minute ferry ride to the city. How could you want anything more? We’ve got picturesque parks, harbours and beaches as well as the bustling night life of the city all at my fingertips. This probably is my favourite thing about Sydney overall.

balmoral  rocks


The Convenience
I have lived here for about 5 ½ years now and I’ve never owned my own car. That would be unheard of in California. But here, everything (well, most everything) is so convenient. I already mentioned how easy it is to get to the beaches and city and there are so many other places I can get to on public transport. My girlfriends and I are even heading to the Hunter Valley next weekend to do some wine tasting and we’re taking public transportation the entire way! Not to mention, I’ve got coffee shops, a mini grocery store, a fruit and vegetable shop, a butcher, dry cleaner, pharmacy and pizza shop within 30 seconds from my door step. One of my niece and nephew’s favourite things about Australia was the coffee. They wanted to take Joe, the barista across the road, home with them. It really is awesome.

The Amazing Homes

Ok so while real estate here is expensive – if you can afford it there are SO many amazing places to live which have views of the city, the harbours, the beaches, and the zoo even! There is a beautiful house near us that looks just like a dollhouse and it overlooks Mosman Bay. It’s my dream home and every morning on my ferry I look at it longingly and think “maybe one day I’ll have 8 million dollars to spare and I’ll be able to buy it.” Until then we plan to invest in the *cheaper* real estate market since you actually get tax breaks on investment properties here (another perk and something you can’t do in the US).

Australia really is a wonderful place to live. I know I may complain and whine about things from time to time but overall I really do love my life here and I couldn’t think of better places to call home. If you are thinking of moving to Australia or looking for a price guide go to Domain real estate listings. This is where we found our apartment!

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