The Ups and Downs of Vacation

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Aloha… I’m finally back to blogging after my vacation.?

Maui was woooonderful! The food, the sun, the cocktails, the beach, the pool, the snorkeling… it was all so great. But like most things… even vacations have a?downside. Here are a few of the ups and downs I’ve noted from our holiday.

UP: My great tan I’ve acquired in 1 week. I keep surprising myself as I walk by the mirror and see a bit of brown rather than the glowing white that I’ve been displaying for the last few months!

DOWN: The return of the sun spots on my face that had disappeared with some wonderful?cream the dermatologist?gave me.?Not to mention, the appearance of?NEW spots that look like a rash on my hands. Seriously- I feel old. I probably should stay out of the sun.

UP: Mai Tais, Coronas?and Lava Flows.

DOWN: Not drinking enough of these!

UP: Qantas, such a nice and easy airline to fly with. We didn’t have any problems with staff travel and the planes weren’t too cramped.

DOWN: Hawaiian Airlines BLOW! They were SO rude, SO unorganized and SO USELESS!

UP: On the airplane (or aeroplane for the aussies), we had a spare seat on the way back. We could stretch out a little and enjoy a BIT more comfort.

DOWN: Did I mention it was a?10 hour flight?

UP: The gym was right downstairs. Just a simple elevator trip and I was there working my booty into shape.

Down: After the gym, I usually went straight to the pool where I ordered more cocktails…reversing any positive effects of the previous gym experience.

UP: Beautiful weather… warm sun, clear skies (for the most part), the ability to wear skirts and dresses outside at night.

DOWN: Coming home to the cold

Ok, so that’s enough with the downers- really, there aren’t too many when you’re on a wonderful Hawaiian holiday… here are a few other things I truly enjoyed about?our trip!

  • Homemade guacamole, grilled corn on the cob?and Coronas enjoyed at a sunset BBQ with family and friends.
  • Mai Tai Lounge… a new restaurant that I HIGHLY recommend! Nachos made with wonton chips and sweet chili sauce?are the BEST nachos ever! Oh and the wasabi mashed potatoes?? YUM!
  • Snorkeling for FREE on the beach and seeing giant Sea Turtles. A few years ago we paid for a snorkel tour and didn’t see ANY turtles.
  • Drinking wine on our balcony with a beautiful view of the ocean and pool.
  • Playing glow putt with Andrew, Preston and Emma and kicking butt! I putt much better in the dark than I do at normal mini golf courses.
  • Our cool ATV adventure. Even though I was really scared that we were going to tip over, it was pretty fun and I’m glad we did it!

If anyone is interested in seeing pictures, I have a few of them HERE and HERE… haven’t uploaded them all- my internet is crappy and slow!

4 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Vacation”

  1. you took some great pictures! I’ve never been to Hawaii. it looks amazing!

    I’m looking forward to taking the girls to Disney….my big adventurous plans LOL!!!!!

    glad you had a fun time with your boyfriend and family 🙂

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