Well, I’ve been pretty lazy lately so I haven’t done anything too spectacular or exciting. Thanksgiving was nice. It was spent at the Seemann house and it was a smaller group this year (like 16 people vs. 30) and it was actually nice to have it a little quiter and more peaceful. We all were guessing when Cathy would have her baby (she was due Dec. 10th). Well, she didnt even last 3 days before she went into labor. She had the baby, Gianna Catherine Gale, early yesterday morning. The family had a big scare when Gianna wouldn’t breath on her own right away and she had to stay in an incubator. Well, it looks like she is all better, her parents were going to get to hold her today for the first time, and although she may not get to go home with mom tomorrow, she will go hopefully go home in a few days. It is a true blessing and we are all thankful that she will be ok. She is beautiful, has daddy’s eyes and mommy’s nose. She was also born on her uncle Trevor’s birthday so he got a nice little present 🙂

Last night I went to dinner with my sister and Trevor for his birthday. A bunch of their friends joined us at Riptide in Mission Viejo. Although it’s no Tsunami… it still was yummy!

Also Saturday I saw Jen’s condo for the 1st time. It is going to be so nice and I’m very happy for Jen because she has worked so hard to get her first place!  I must say I am a little jealous, and I’ll feel a little weird being the ONLY person still living at home with my parents, but I guess everyone’s lives are on different paths.

Other than that, my weekend was pretty slow. I avoided the malls this weekend as much as possible. I can’t stand the “black Friday” shopping crowds. I guess I probably missed out on some sales, but I think I prefer to spend a little more money on things than to be stuck in a crowd of annoying, crazy holiday shoppers. I Spent most of the time watching tv, eating… all the lazy stuff you do on Thanksgiving weekend. I hope everyone else had a good turkey day!!!

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