Over the last few weeks I’ve posted about all my weird ailments. First there was my rib inflammation, then there was my strange hand condition. Unfortunately several trips to the doctor and blood tests did not find the reason for either of these issues, so the doctor decided to prescribe me a week of steroids. I really don’t like taking prescription drugs, especially ones with hideous side effects. I never used to care but as I’ve gotten older I just don’t like the idea of needing prescriptions to make me feel better. I just think if I’m usually healthy, eat well and take care of myself I will eventually get better on my own, like I do when I get a cold. Unfortunately that’s not always how our bodies work. So after 1.5 months of rib pain and 3 weeks or so of hand blotchiness I succumbed to the drugs. It took the whole week but the rib issue seems to be gone and my hand is finally back to about 95% with only a bit of discoloration.

But… the weirdness continues.

Over the past 12 days or so, something even stranger than rib pain and spotty hands has occurred, and this one is REALLY a mystery.

What is this mysterious issue you ask? Well, I, who am NOT a morning person and who HATES running have not only been waking up 2 hours before I actually have to, BUT am also getting out of bed and leaving the house to run nearly every morning! I have been waking up between 5-6 am on most days and getting up by 6:30 and going for jogs! What is this world coming to? This by far is the strangest of all my recent ailments!

This is SO out of character for me. Nothing could be farther from my normal morning routine of waking up 15-20 minutes before I have to walk out the door for work.  But that’s not all… not only have I been getting up to jog, I then also walk to Cremorne Point to get on the ferry meaning that numerous days last  week I actually walked/jogged 4.5miles/7.3km before 8:30am!!  According to the GPS on my Nike app, I ended up walking over 18miles/30km from Monday-Friday, an average of 3.5 miles per day! I was a walking machine!


I’m blaming this all on those pesky drug side effects. I stopped taking them early last week but think their effects lingered for awhile causing the early morning bursts of energy. Over the last two days I’ve slowly started waking up later and later (and by later I mean 7:30 which is still not late enough for a long holiday weekend). I sort of liked my strange early morning outings, even if the smell of the bakeries I ran by was torturous and it did mean I usually was knackered by 2pm. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep up the routine this week or if the energy will fade along with the last traces of steroids in my body.

I guess we shall find out tomorrow.

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