I’ve been quite bummed this weekend about something. About 2, maybe even 3 years ago, I came up with an idea for an invention. I thought this was a pretty damn good idea.

Fold-able/roll-up flip-flops. Why is this a good idea you ask? Because after wearing high heels for hours all night, all you want to do is put on some flats for the walk to the car, to the house, or to the next bar. I am one of those girls that carries my dirty flip-flop/thongs in my purse. Luckily I have a big purse which allows me to do this because my thongs aren’t tiny enough to fit in a small bag. But if they folded up into a small portable thong version, then they could fit in any bag… or even a coat pocket.

This was such a good idea. A good idea that I had first.

Maybe you don’t believe that I had this idea first. Well here is proof…

The guys (yes GUYS) that created these thongs thought of the idea a year ago.

“Former lawyer Ben Lipschitz, 25 stumbled on the idea for a pair of fold-up thongs on a night out a year ago when his girlfriend at the time was left sore and tired after a night in stilettos.” Ā The Daily Telegraph

A year ago.

Well, A YEAR AND A HALF ago I blogged about my invention idea here (and let me point out, I had been thinking about this much earlier than this post):



I guess I can’t bee too annoyed though. It’s my fault and my fault alone that I didn’t act on my brilliant idea when I had the chance. Andrew used to tell me I should look into it, Jen wanted to help and even came up with a cute name, but it was just so overwhelming! Where do you even start to try to figure out how to get a prototype made, how to pay for the prototype… surely I would have needed investor backing… and then how do you get that??? The list goes on and on. I just had NO idea where to start.I went as far as researching patents as you can see in my post above but that was where my research ended.

Now someone else will get rich. Someone else will say they invented something cool and they will always be known as the guys who created the awesome portable flip-flops. That could have been me. That might have been my one and only chance to invent something really cool and I blew it. šŸ™

And no… I will not post a link to the site that sells the shoes. I just don’t think I’m ready to provide free advertising to someone who is going to capitalize on my brilliant idea.

4 thoughts on “There Goes My Chance”

  1. Frustrating!! I feel for ya. Kris told me once to write down your idea in as much detail as possible and then mail it to yourself so that it will be postmarked – – and then don’t open it – just keep it and it is proof of when you had the idea. Don’t know if that is legal way to do it without filing for an actual copyright.

  2. Hmmm, maybe you could go after them for flogging the idea off your blog! Poor you, but to be honest, those things won’t be popular for long and may not make much money!

  3. Believe it or not when I saw the TV ad for those rolly flip flop things I thought THE EXACT SAME THING!! I too have had that (brilliant) idea and I am so mad that I didn’t have the motivation to act on it. Oh well. Another one bites the dust.

    1. So depressing. Now I need to find a new invention. Suzer… you never know- they aren’t just trendy (well I guess they aren’t even trendy yet) but they are functional as well so they could last awhile!

      Debbie, doubt it would matter, but at least you would have proof for your own ego! šŸ™‚

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