Things I Should do More Often

1. Wash my car. I can’t remember the last time I washed my car. I remember when I got back from Australia at the begining of April it was repulsive, but then it rained. The rain bought me a few weeks…. but now it is back to being repulsive. Maybe one day it will get a bath. I’m committing to do it by next Friday. I can’t wash it before then because I still have “GO PADRES!” painted on the windows and I need to leave it on for the big playoff game Tuesday.

2. Wash my hair. I had washed my hair twice in 2 weeks before tonight. Tonight I decided, what the hell… I’ll wash it again. So that makes 3 times in 2 weeks. In my defense… I got it highlighted two weeks ago and the bleach she put in kinda dries it out.

3. Take the empty/half empty water bottles out of my car. My family recycles these days so when I take a bottle out of my car, it’s not like I can go easily toss it in the trash. Noooooo, I have to walk it ALLLL the way to the back of the house to a special trash bin. That is just too much work, so I let them pile up in my car (another thing preventing me from washing it. I won’t wash the outside until the inside is nice and neat). Today I at least got a bag to put them in so they dont roll all over the back floor. I found about 12 or 13 back there.

4. Record more TV shows. I haven’t watched practically any TV since my shows all ended. Wait… maybe that’s a good thing.

5. Take my vitamins. No explanation here… just something I need to do.

6. Sit at a desk while using my computer rather than sitting on the couch or my bed for hours. My back HURTS!

7. I think the most important thing I should do more often is see my fabulous boyfriend, but unfortunately- 7,000 miles puts a bit of a strain on that. Every few months just isn’t enough, but it’s all we have right now. On a positive note, I can say without a doubt… I see Andrew more than I wash my car 🙂


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