Saturday we had the pleasure of heading to the home of our new Italian friends, Stefano and Simona. They invited us to a BBQ and the weather was absolutely amazing for August so it was the perfect day for it. We headed up to Clontarf and were gobsmacked when we walked out on to their deck and saw this view.

Aside from the sheer beauty, there was an abundance of cheese, crackers, salads, wine, guacamole and other nibblies. It really was my ideal type of day. Nearly everyone else was Italian so we chatted about life in Sydney, life in Italy, places we should visit on a holiday there, Mediterranean cruises (that I’ve still been dying to do ever since I dreamed of doing one for our honeymoon) and we all raved on and on about how beautiful the setting was.

After we devoured all the delicacies up on the sunny deck, we took a 2 minute stroll down a pathway that led to this beach. High tide meant no sand to walk through but we all enjoyed spending a few moments blissfully taking in the beauty of Sydney Harbour on the rocks. Is there a better way to spend a winter’s day?

As people started to leave and the wind began to pick up we headed back up indoors and listened to Simona and her friends sing Brazilian songs with the guitar while everyone gathered around drinking their Italian espressos and nibbling on pastries. Andrew and Paul even joined in and picked up the guitars to sing along. I felt like I was on a holiday and I could have stayed there all night enjoying their company.

 I told Veronica and Andrew that we would go completely broke if we lived in that place because I would be having get togethers every single week. How could you not when you live in such a beautiful place? I’d never want to leave!

If spring and summer stay as nice as winter has been this weekend, we’re in for a great few months ahead.

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  1. TOTALLY LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!! You described the day and evenig so well that I felt I experienced the wonderful time…Wow…It is so nice to know that you had an “over the top” day with WONDERFUL weather. Such an uplifting read. luv ya and happy for you.

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