I’ve decided to make a bold statement. I’ve decided my D Diet is complete. I know I said there was no official end to it (I still believe that) and while I didn’t get around to testing every.single.food.item.individually,  I have eliminated and re-introduced all of the main food groups that I wanted to test and I feel like I got most of the answers I have been looking for. I can’t say I feel overly successful but is that perhaps because foods didn’t hurt me as much as I expected them to? Maybe I simply don’t have as many intolerances as I suspected I might. Or maybe, as I mentioned before, I would have had more defined results if I had the help of a nutrition professional.

So then what helped me to reach this revelation? Well after more than 80 days, I finally discovered one of the foods causing me strife. I can’t really say this was a true discovery though since I always  had a hunch all along, alas I’ve confirmed it… my stomach doesn’t like dairy.

After not eating any dairy for 2 weeks I introduced it back in on Thursday- and I went hard with it. Lots of carrots with low fat cream cheese, chunks of mozzarella, and milk in my rooibos tea. I felt fine that night and even when I first woke up on Friday but that fine feeling didn’t last long. It probably didn’t help my cause to go hard on the cheese all day and night on Friday as well. It was an experiment though, right? So I was totally justified in shoving it in my face all day. To top it off we actually went to  a cheese party on Sunday. Yes, a whole party devoted to cheese! Set to the backdrop of the amazing Sydney Harbour, this was seriously a dream come true- and what better weekend to have it than the one where I just MUST test out my cheese intolerance. I digress.. the dairy did me in. One morning of really bad pain and then a whole weekend of lingering stomach aches has confirmed it and it’s the only thing I’ve tested in 3 months that had that sort of affect on me.

So basically now I’m off of dairy again. Oh I do plan to eat it in the future… but knowing for sure that if affects me has made me change my thinking on how often I’ll eat it. Do I really want to eat that leftover cream cheese in the fridge now? Did I really need to add milk to my potato soup tonight (which by the way was made in my new Tefal and was utterly delicious)? No and No… I do not need the cream cheese nor the milk.  Its days and nights like today where I can choose to omit dairy all together and then I can decide when it will be worth it to make exceptions.

I’m definitely still finding that my weekends of eating more liberally have really affected me more than I ever thought they would. The pain felt on weekends when I eat poorly or try out new foods has really helped to motivate me to keep going with the healthy eating that has become a way of life on this diet. So even though the main “tests” have been completed, I will still keep going with the clean eating lifestyle that I have been following for nearly the last 3 months. I still will try to journal when I try new things- as there are still quite a few fruits and vegetables I have not added back into my diet yet. I will still eat my quinoa fibre blend for breakfast every morning. I will still cut back on chicken and opt for more vegetarian options when cooking at home. I will still avoid caffeine (l have not had a single cup of coffee, regular tea or soft drink at all since June!!). I will still use the juicer to make veggies juices. I will still avoid milk in my Rooibos- (and I’ll make an effort to get into soy milk, I tried a few times on this diet and it wasn’t completely horrible). I will still try to avoid products with ingredients I can’t pronounce. I just spent nearly 3 months of omitting food, journaling, tracking symptoms, discovering new recipes and learning things about my mind as well as my body and I’m not about to let all that hard work go to waste! Oh, and I don’t plan on gaining back the 9-10 pounds I lost either! 🙂

So I try not to see this as the end. I see this as the beginning of a healthier diet that I can hopefully maintain throughout my life. I will still continue to learn new things and will not stop paying attention to how my body reacts to the food I put into it. I know it won’t always be possible to be perfect, but I believe the changes I’ve seen in my thinking and eating behaviour over the course of 3 months has become ingrained in me enough to actually have a substantial impression on my choices going forward.

But now I have a new dilemma. If I can no longer say “I’m on an elimination diet”- what excuses do I give people every time I want to avoid certain foods? That’s a thought for another day.

6 thoughts on “It isn’t really the end…”

  1. Knowing how much you love cheese, your “discovery” must be a disappointment – bummer!

    Mind you. since knowing is half the battle, at least now you can decide when to indulge and what to expect.

    BTW, I made a discovery the other day. I’ve never eaten one before, but I’ve fallen in love with “Custard Apples”. The ugliest fruit on the planet, but they taste just like apples with custard.

    If you haven’t already you should try one, they’re a bit fiddly getting the middle out but well worth the effort.

    1. Yeah it’s a bummer but it didn’t kill me before, so it’s not like I can’t ever have it. In fact I had a tiny bit this weekend and was fine. You’re right, just need to choose the right times to indulge. 🙂
      I’ve heard about custard apples but have never tried one. I’ll have to find some and give them a go!

  2. You really don’t owe anyone else and explanation or ‘excuse’ about what you eat- you’re the only person it affects in any way! Healthy food is awesome.

    PS if you are ever searching for some sugar free chocolate that doesn’t taste like dirt, hit me up. I’m an expert.

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