One more weekend has come and gone so quickly. 🙁 Only 2 more weeks here and we are starting to feel the pains of having less than 1/2 the trip left. This weekend we went out for drinks on Friday night with Gatty and Beth at a little bar up the street. Saturday Andrew and I spent a few hours at Freshwater Beach because the weathSydney Week 3 043 (Small).jpger was so nice and warm. Then that night we went to Luna Park and rode some rides. It was nice to do something different. Sydney Week 3 057 (Small).jpgThe rides were pretty expensive, and only a few looked fun so we only went on the little rickety roller coaster and the Ferris Wheel. Cotton Candy here is evidently called “Fairy Floss” and as much as I wanted to buy some, I witheld. Yesterday we went to Andrew’s dad’s for dinner because it was Father’s day here in Australia. (they have the same mother’s day in May, but different Father’s days… who knows why?) His dad cooked another wonderful meal (yes he cooked dinner even on father’s day).


Here’s some sad news if you have’nt heard. The good ol’ Aussie Crocodile Hunter himself, Steve Irwin has reportedly died, CRIKEY! Read the full story here. Sad sad news, but it was bound to happen eventually when he just works with deadly animals for a living.


In even more annoying news, I found out all my college credits and everything I’ve done only count as 5 years of coursework here in Australia and you need 6 to be a psychologist. No, I didn’t get my letter, but I called the girl at the psychology board today and got real annoyed that it wasn’t here so she finally faxed it to me. So basically, in order to work here as a psychologist, I’d have to do at least another year of school. Gay. Sorry but my 36K in student loan debt is enough for me, I really dont want any more.


I guess that’s all for now… don’t have much else to say at the moment. I’m kinda in an annoyed mood but at least I have a nice weekend to look back on and I have a wonderful one to look forward to. Andrew and I leave to go to Hunter Valley on Friday (my birthday) 🙂 YAY! Usually I’d say I can’t wait, but this time I can- because I don’t want to rush through my last 2 weeks here!

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