Top Casinos to Visit in Australia

So here’s a bit of a random post from me- but hey, I like to share random things from time to time. I’ve often discussed the different perks and interesting things about living in Australia in the past but one thing I haven’t really touched on is the gambling culture. If you didn’t know, Australians are famous for their love of gambling. Betting on sports, horses and dropping some money in the pokies (slot machines) is a massive thing to do here. The love for gambling is also complimented by its varied casinos. Yes, we have casinos! Of course you know about the reefs, deserts, beautiful beaches, rainforests and now you know about the casinos. As one who travelled to Vegas countless times over the last 13 years or so, I can’t say they are anywhere near as flash as Vegas, but I’ve spent the last few years working with them as clients and visiting them for corporate travel and events and they are pretty nice. I’m pretty eager to see the new one that James Packer will be building over the next few years.

Casinos were relatively late to appear in the country, but they have certainly made up for it in other ways. Of all of the thirteen casinos in the country, the two top casinos that are really worth taking time out for are The Crown Casino in Melbourne and the Star Casino in Sydney.

The Crown Casino opened in its current location on the South bank of the Yarra River in 1997. It is part of an entertainment complex that covers half a million square meters. Not only is it that largest casino in Australia, it is one of the largest casinos in the world and certainly the largest entertainment complex in the southern hemisphere. There are 500 gaming tables and thousands of pokies, or slot machines similar to those at I usually stay at the Crowne whenever I visit Melbourne and it houses some pretty cool dining and entertainment venues, including the delicious Rockpool restaurant.

Sydney’s Star Casino overlooks Darling Harbour and it is the country’s second largest casino. It has recently undergone a huge renovation programme which estimated costs are pushing a billion dollars. I even had the chance to do some qualitative research with the high rollers a few years back when the casino was undergoing some of their changes which was a pretty interesting experience. The casino is part of a large entertainment and hotel complex housing some of my favourite things in the city- Black is an amazing restaurant and let’s not forget the Adriano Zumbo dessert bar which I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening party for. The Darling is a pretty snazzy looking hotel and good for a bit of celebrity spotting when big events are on. There is also public transport with direct access to the city centre.

So if you’re visiting Australia, first and foremost you should take in the beauty and nature of the country- as I’ve said before, this is the main reason I love it here. But if you’re into gambling, fine dining and maybe even a show- you may want to consider a visit to one of the casinos for something a little different.

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