I had a whole Idol review typed out last night. Hit post and then went on my merry way. Well this morning it has disappeared. Damnit! All that work for nothing. SO here’s my revised SHORT review.

David Cook: Song 1 was fine, song 2 was good. He’s still the leader I think.

Syesha: She has really stepped up! So much personality and a great voice! I really like her now, but her second song was still quite boring to me.

Jason: BLEW tonight. Song 1, SUCKED. Song 2 was better but still wasn’t good. He needs to get out of his cloud of pot smoke and get his act together. I’ve accepted that he won’t win, but I still hope he makes it in the music world- I’d like to hear more of him.

David A.: Song 1- GREAT. I loved it! Song 2- boring as shit. But he still has a great voice, especially for a kid! He’s come around and I’m starting to like him again, I still don’t think he has enough personality to be a real star though.


Syesha and Jason will be in the bottom 2. Jason will be out for 2 reasons. 1. He blew tonight. 2. Syesha is always in the bottom 2 but she never loses, so I’m sure it will be the same tonight.

1 thought on “UGH”

  1. i was wondering when you were going to post this so i could offer my opinions 🙂

    i actually completely agree with you this time…well, except for your archuletta love.

    castro is totally gone tonight.

    …and i wanna make out with syesha. she hot.

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