Um… Did I mention It’s Too LOUD?

Remember this post??

Could It be Any Louder?

Yeah… well, it could get a lot louder very soon. When I got home from my wine tasting class, I got this note on our door:


To all Residents of 93 Avenue Rd

The proposed relocation of the Avenue Road Bus Stop to 93 Avenue Rd. (and loss of street parking)

Mosman council are having a Traffic Committe Meeting

10:00am Wednesday 20

February 2008.


Ok… maybe it’s not clear right away to all of you, so I’ll point it out. I live on 93 Avenue, they want to move the bus stop to 93 Avenue! Yes, that means they want to move it?RIGHT in front of my apt.?Our apt. faces the street. It is already RIDICULOUSLY LOUD!! Busses are loud enough, but when they stop and have to start up again at a bus stop- they are even LOUDER.

AND LOSING PARKING?? So I guess it will be louder and we’ll have to park a mile away.

Oh… and Wednesday Feb 20th… Um thanks for the notice!!! I wish I didn’t have to work, you could guarantee I’d be there bitching and moaning! Luckily Andrew doesn’t- maybe I can convince him to go fight to keep our parking. And honestly, I don’t think I can handle this place being any louder. Can you break leases for changes like this?

2 thoughts on “Um… Did I mention It’s Too LOUD?”

  1. that sucks, sucks, sucks! I hope enough people raise hell about it and maybe they’ll lay off the idea. I hate outside noises that leek into my home. There’s enough noise that I cant control without my neighbor’s loud gardeners.
    On a side note… I want that recipe for those pretty rolls. They look so good. Are they a lot of work? Also, at the pampered chef party you had you made some salad thingy.I think there may have been pasta in it? Anyway, I have been meaning to ask you for that one too. If you can remember what I am even talking about.

  2. 0o0o0o0o I would be soooo pissed!!

    Ok idea without breaking the lease thing (cause that is not the apt. owner’s fault so I don’t see you getting out of it), but is there another available apartment in the complex not on the street? Maybe you can stay under the lease and just relocate in the building. I did this once when my family expanded and got around breaking the lease.

    But yeah that is horrible and I would be bitching to somebody. Is there anywhere on the street not so residential they can move the actual bus stop to? Having worked with and gone to several city/county/council meetings due to my job in land development I know if you go in bitching noone really listens but if you go in and propose an alternative, say 500 ft. down the block in front of the 7-11, they are more apt to listen and be flexible. You would want to look for a non-residential site that possibly has a no-parking area so residents aren’t disrupted by the sound, pollution, and loiterers (who make noise too), as well as not loosing any parking spaces. Often times those on the board of the council meeting have no idea of the surroundings and are just reading the proposed site off of plans so there isn’t anything tangible (like humans) to relate it to. So pictures help too.

    LOL ok thats all really alot of work and I’m not sure you would really want to go through all that on just a rental property… but if you did those are things that will help you get that bus stop moved.

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