So I was right… my balance… BAD. My center of gravity is totally skewed well to the right, surprise surprise. Guess that happens when you stop using your left foot.?So while my overall balance isn’t great anyways (I’ve always known this), I’m actually not TOO bad when I try to balance on my right foot. I’m pretty good at the yoga tree pose… seen here:

(picture removed)


I can definitely put my left foot up on my right thigh and balance pretty easily. Keeping that red dot in the middle of the cirlce is pretty challenging, but I can do it. Ohhh… but the left sided tree? Yeah… that just doesn’t even come close to happening. Not only can I NOT place my right foot on my left thigh, I really can’t even lift my right foot 3 inches off the ground for more than 2 seconds without falling over. NO BALANCE AT ALL. Now I see why my physio told me to practice. He was quite aware of the trouble I would have with this simple task.

But… I am really good at the hula hoop challenge. I’m up to 300+ spins. Andrew found it amusing to watch me look like an idiot as I pretend to hula hoop in my undies.


I love my Wii… and the WiiFit is my favorite Ā šŸ™‚ So much fun!

6 thoughts on “Unbalanced”

  1. Omigosh…I am addicted to Wii!! We played it every day when I was up North visiting fam. I’ve been contemplating getting it “for Ryan” for his birthday….hehe. You know…for “his” birthday. Wii Fit looks awesome!!

    Happy New Year, chica. Glad your foot is better šŸ™‚

  2. NO I’m not THAT nerdy!!! I googled for an image of it! I miss my wiifit… šŸ™ 2 more weeks and I’ll be home to you my dear wiifit… and dear boyfriend.

  3. i can’t believe you are back to go to the gym and work out! that’s AMAZING.

    stephen JUST got cleared to START weening off his brace – but still no major physical activity. that’s crazy, he injured his on october 18th!!

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