Up and Down… Happy and Sad…

First I decorated our tree… our HALF tree that we accidentally bought. Yes, it is half of a tree. It is pushed up right next to the window. We were really angry at first that we spent a lot of money on half of a tree, but then we realized it fits much better in the apartment anyways, so it was a blessing in disguise. it looked pretty. I was excited to see what it would look like at night and enjoy the beautiful sparkle of the lights and ornaments.

I was happy.


Then it got darker and we turned the lights on. It didn’t sparkle. The lights barely twinkle. It’s a dull dark tree. But there was no way to re-do it with new lights unless I took off all of the ornaments and then put them all back. That wasn’t going to happen.

So I was sad…


Yesterday I went to the orthopedic surgeon to get that bohemith of a prehistoric cast off. I waited for the doctor to say “you need surgery” or “let’s put your new cast on” but he didn’t! He said I’d be ok with just an ace bandage and maybe a splint for more support.

I was SO happy! I don’t have a picture to show my joy at this point, so I’ll just show you my original xray instead!

(picture removed)


But then today after being in pain all night and morning, I tried calling around to see what it would take to get a removable splint put on. It really hurts without that giant, heavy plaster cast and I need something to make it more comfy and bearable. But I learned that my insurance doesn’t cover splints. Last week I changed plans (the day before this happened). If I was still on my old plan, I would be covered, but now… no coverage. I then called around to different physios to try to find someone who would do a splint for cheaper than the $230 we were quoted yesterday and talked to 3 different places who all said they don’t do splints in their office. Seriously… PAIN IN THE ASS.

Now I am sad… and hurting… but Andrew re-did my bandage so it’s super tight and a bit more supportive.

At least it covers up my swollen, purple and yellow granny cankle for the time being!!



Then tonight Andrew made me laksa for dinner. I was happy.

Mood swing city over here.

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  1. Hey, you should see the sad little trees I’ve had over the past few years, in many different countries. I’m finally up to a 4 foot fake, and next year will add a real one to that. Patience;) Your tree looks lovely in the pics!

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