Driving:? Guess what I did yesterday? I drove for more than 5 minutes, on a freeway even! I drove out to Andrew’s dad’s house and I didn’t even crash or end up on the wrong side of the road. I don’t know what is hardest…


  • Driving on the left side?? – Nah…I think I’m getting used to that?

  • Remembering that the blinker is on the right so that I don’t actually turn the windshield wipers on every time I turn… Yep I think I’ve got that one down! Didn’t screw up once yesterday!?

  • Looking at the speedometer to find I’m going 100??? Oh wait… that’s KPH… still feels fast though!?

  • Checking the speed every 10 seconds to make sure I’m not going over the speed limit?? Ummm… I do think this might take the cake. Usually I don’t worry too much about speeding a little, but here in Australia there are speed cameras EVERYWHERE and you really CAN’T speed or else you WILL get a ticket. Yup, this was the toughest for me on this long drive!?

I did notice about 20-25 minutes into the drive that I hadn’t looked in my rearview mirror ONCE!! I only noticed when I FINALLY looked and realized I hadn’t adjusted it to where I could actually see. And I wondered why I couldn’t figure out if there were cars behind me. It’s just not natural yet to look up and left when I want to see?the rear.?


Pronunciations:? I’m adding a new feature to my blog… Aussie pronunciation of the week (or day or whenever I see fit). I’ll start this week off with a few examples.


  • Hyundai…?here it is pronounced?Heeunday
  • Nissan… here it’s Nissin (like listen)

  • Tortilla… tor till uh. I guess the Aussies just pronounce it how it is spelled, but it’s just SO funny to hear! (there’s really NO Mexican/Spanish influence in this country).?

Stay tuned for more fun pronunciations in future blogs!?


Creepy Crawlies:?


1. I saw a spider that looked like a tarantula in a web the other day. Literally it was?probably a?little smaller than the palm of my hand and it had furry legs. Could have been a Huntsman. Whatever… it was big and ugly and I’m so glad it was nowhere near my house.??

2. I really did not enjoy my visit from Mr. Lizard last week. He lead us on a wild goose chase for hours throughout the house. Andrew thought I was a big wuss… and guess what?? I WAS! Sorry… but I don’t want lizards anywhere near my bed, closet or anything else in my apt. for that matter! Thankfully with some amazing teamwork (ie. andrew doing all the work and me cheering him on), Mr. Lizard was caught and safely transported OUT of the building.??

3. evidently some?mosquitoes live in toilets. I probably DON’T need to explain- but I will anyways. This week I got 4 mosquito bites on my butt. Weren’t there pre-pee…?but then?post-pee, they appeared. The damn mosquito was just chillin’ in the bowl waiting to take a bite out of my juicy butt. Luckily it wasn’t one of the evil Aussie Mossies that give you the bites that itch for A WEEK. Nah, these ones just lasted about a day!?

4. I saw a real live flying bat. I was sitting on our balcony awhile back with Andrew and saw what I thought was a bird, flying in the dark.?Nope… not a bird. Is that weird to anyone else?? To see a bat with real bat wings and everything! I’ve never seen one close enough to actually see the shape of the wings. Freaky.?

That’s all for my Aussie update.

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